One of the reasons I started Soxster, and started to seek permission from my playmates to publish their photos and videos online, was because of a massive collection of photos I had taken since I started with kink when I was 22. It’s an amazing collection but the problem is that I don’t have releases or permission from those people to publish them (and I wouldn’t publish without them).  It was a bit frustrating having all these great photos and vids I can’t share.

I’m gradually getting in touch with various people who I used to play with to see if they would be interested in giving permission for me to publish them.

These photos are of Gill, a hot older guy I played with when I was in my 20s. They were taken in Room Six of Club 80 in Melbourne. We did three sessions where photos were taken – and I’ll publish the other ones in weeks to come.

Gill loved to be tied up and shaved – and got very hard as the razor was caressing his ass and balls, but that’s in another one of his sessions.  He also has quite an awesome cock on him. 🙂