I was talking to one of my good girlfriends, who enjoys sleeping with young men as much as I do, about the fact that many guys seek me out for their first BDSM experience. She made me laugh out loud when she pointed that “You’ve become a rite of passage”. It’s funny because it’s true. 🙂

I think that for many young gay Australian guys having a BDSM experience is now something that they have to try. It’s up there with going on that big trip to Europe, going to Sydney’s Mardi Gras or buying your first sex toy.

(and we Australians know how to travel – there are only about twenty million of us but we are everywhere!)

When a newbie tries BDSM they are generally either grateful for the experience but decide it isn’t for them, really enjoy it and decide it is something they want to do occasionally with the right person or love it and make plans to save up for gear and immediately create/update their Recon profile with all the things they have found they like to do.

As always, my advice to beginners is to start slow. There isn’t any rush. Enjoy the process of discovery. 🙂