As an exhibitionist who loves showing off on whenever he can, it was a real surprise to hear that Biramaye had never been to Club 80 before. It’s a gay sex club that caters to a slightly seedier side of sex. Four floors of dark rooms, suckatoriums, cabins and private rooms.

I don’t go there to pick up guys – but it is a fun place to arrange to meet people you have met online, particularly if you have hired one of the excellent sling rooms.

I sent Biramaye off to explore the club for ten minutes while I got ready for his return. On entry I blindfolded him and brought him inside, stripped him naked, attached a collar and then pushed him into the cage – removing his blindfold as he entered.

The cage actually sits outside the room. Within a few minutes there were four guys sticking their cocks through the bars of the cage for Biramaye to suck. One guy had a massively long cock – a genuine nine inches (as opposed to Recon inches). Random thought – if the USA finally joins the rest of the world and goes metric – gay men will have no problems. Just tell them that a centimeter is equal to an inch of penile length on any gay Internet hook up site.

After twenty or thirty minutes of sucking cock my first guest for the evening arrived – Liam. We talked while we watched Biramaye continue to suck the cocks of random guys. Eventually we got our cocks out and started stroking each other.

I opened the door to the cage and whistled “here boy”, blindfolded the pup and brought him into the room. I pushed him to his knees and flopped my cock into his mouth. Lots of cock sucking occurred with him going backwards and forwards between our cocks.

We pushed him into the stocks – lifting up the cross beam before positioning his neck and wrists before lowering it carefully back into place. The stocks also have ankle restraints so we clicked those into place. The height was perfectly positioned for some ass fun.

My thoughts on stocks are that they are fun to try occasionally but that they actually aren’t that practical.

Some serious spanking followed, and lots of playing with Biramaye’s ass, cock and balls. Liam had fun playing with his cock and even sucking it a little.

Sean arrived soon after. He is a very experienced wrapper and we worked together to get Biramaye trussed up. I had made a mistake – half way wrapping him I realized I had forgotten the scissors. Amateur mistake to be sure. We decided to press on with the logic that with three of us pulling it off him it shouldn’t take too long to free him in an emergency.

There was a great deal of affection between the three tops. Kissing, hugging, sucking and licking. Fondling and caressing. Really fun. Liam and Sean really liked each other even though they are both so shy it will take a lot of pressure for them to hook up again. Liam and Sean were pashing as I fucked Biramaye’s throat.

Lots more cock sucking and torment in the mummification. CBT, TT and throat fucking. Making Biramaye gag on each of our cocks was fun. All three of us have thick meaty dicks When we were finished we tore the plastic wrap off him and he lay there cooling down.

I attached the suspension cuffs and clipped his feet on. I then got the other two boys to lift his torso as I clipped him onto the overhead bar.

I fucked him as he hung by his wrists and ankles. It was great – by the end he didn’t know if his ass or shoulders hurt more.

Eventually we lifted the well fucked body down and got him onto his knees. He blew and fondled all three of us.

Sean blew first – and as requested blew all over Biramaye’s face.

Liam and I blew at exactly the same time. It was a textbook example as to how cum can be different. My load was white and creamy. Liam’s was clear and sprayed like a water hose – with much of it actually going over Biramaye’s face. Biramaye licked up the cum covering his face like a puppy – small laps to savor the flavour.

We dressed and left resolving to do it again soon.

It’s rare for a session in room six at Club 80 that the sling isn’t used.  Recently this room and this sling have achieved a level of notoriety in the press – which made me a little loath to use it.

This article recently appeared in The Age, Melbourne’s broadsheet newspaper. I don’t believe aspects of the story – the way the club works isn’t like this – I can’t believe any member of staff was involved (except perhaps to admit someone under age by accident). It will be an interesting case.

A HIV-infected male prostitute took a 15-year-old boy to an adult homosexual club in Collingwood and had sex with him knowing they were being filmed, a court heard today.

As the pair left the club, they were each allegedly handed a copy of their sex tape.
Adam Randall, 36, appeared in the Melbourne Magistrates Court accused of sexually abusing the teenager for over three years from when the boy was 13.
Randall faced a total of 14 charges, including having unprotected sex with the boy and another man on separate occasions without telling them he had HIV, putting them at risk of catching the disease.

In a statement tendered to the court during a committal hearing for Randall, the alleged victim told how he and Randall went to Club 80 in Collingwood one night in 2010 after visiting the Wet on Wellington gay sauna.

The teenager, now 18, said the pair went upstairs to the dungeon called Loft 6 which had a cage in the room.
He remembers being inside the cage at one stage but cannot recall the sexual encounters he had with Randall because he was taking methamphetamines.

He claimed he and Randall were later given a copy of their sex tape.
“I don’t know how many sexual encounters we had (over the more than three years they were together) but there were numerous encounters,” the alleged victim said.

“When I first met him I did not know much about condoms. I trusted Adam and agreed not to wear one. He was the first male I ever had sexual encounters with.

“As a result of this friendship, my life is messed up. I tried to commit suicide because I felt my life was f…ed up. I blamed him.” The teenager is not believed to have contracted HIV.

Former Department of Health worker Elizabeth Hatch told the court she visited Randall in May 2006 over concerns he was working as an escort.

Ms Hatch said Randall told her: “I can live my life as I want”.

She said he later claimed: “If I go out, I’ll take others with me.”

Magistrate Elizabeth Lambden committed Randall to stand trial on eight charges including reckless conduct endangering serious injury; making child pornography; sexually penetrating a child under 16; and sexually abusing a child for more than three years.

Randall, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, will appear in the County Court on December 3 for a directions hearing.
He later pleaded guilty to the six remaining, less serious charges including working as a sex worker while infected with HIV; operating a brothel at his home without a permit or licence for more than seven years; possessing cannabis; and unlawful assault.

Randall, who is on a disability support pension and spent 17 days in custody after his arrest in May this year, was fined $1000.

Prosecutor Julian Ayres told the court Randall had contracted HIV in July 2004 from a partner who did not know he had the disease.

Randall told police he did not see himself as a male escort but more of a sex counsellor.

Defence lawyer Peta Murphy said Randall had had a difficult life since being diagnosed at an early age with a mild or borderline intellectual disability and getting involved in drugs.

Ms Murphy said Randall only became involved in sex work when friends told him he could make money because of the way he looked.

Randall no longer wanted to work in the sex industry and hoped to be a carer looking after people who had progressed from being HIV-positive to full blown AIDS.

Police told the court at an earlier hearing that when Randall was arrested at his Reservoir home on May 23, he claimed he had a high sex drive and usually went to a sauna in Collingwood where he would have sex with up to 20 strangers a day but always wore a condom.

Randall was released on strict bail conditions including that he live with his mother and accept a Department of Health order that he not engage in any form of sex work, advise all his sex partners of his HIV status before having sex, and have safe sex.

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