The photos of Sissyboy with the fluro cable ties on his cock are pretty hot.  It’s probably worth reminding people that cable ties can be dangerous and should be used carefully!

As you can see in these photos I had two pieces of rope laid along his cock. This meant that when it was time to cut them off I was able to get my scissors  between the rope to cut the cable ties off. In a worst case scenario i could also put my scissors through the rope to avoid cutting his boy bits. It also meant I could pull on the rope and cause a range of sensations (the rope was looped around his balls).

So fool around with cable ties but make sure you think ahead – and never leave them on for long.

And here are the pics of Sissyboy’s first fist. The photos of him reaching down to his ass is when my fist slid into his ass.  He came close before that – but that is when it slid home. And after he had taken it once – he took it a few more times…..