Over the years I’ve encountered Sean a few times. I’ve seen him go from a tall teenage twink to a bit of a bear (as many of us do) in his mid twenties. He is a sweet guy who is pretty shy but is one of the best people at mummifying in Melbourne. It’s a bit of a dichotomy – he is the shy guy who becomes a cling wrap dominant. 

He really knows how to get a good result. Nice use of colour, good design and geometric patterns, and some interesting non typical positions.

What he creates is essentially art. There is a real beauty in what he does – and like all good art it tells a story. A tale of submission and fun.

I think it often frustrates him occasionally that some boys want to be released so soon. After-all, it takes a long time to wrap them up.

In terms of mummification safety the two big safety tips are to always have a way of getting them out of the cling wrap quickly and safely (without risking cutting their skin or accidentally removing their balls in the process) and assume they will become disorientated and fall over even if they are kneeling (so make sure any furniture and sharp objects are kept well away from them).

So if you want to experience mummification then he is definitely worth a look!

Here are some pics taken by Sean – if you want to get in touch with him, his Recon profile is Swiftboi