If you can’t plan sex then it’s reasonable to ask whether you can be trusted to plan anything in your life. There are a large number of people who simply can’t plan sex in advance – which I’ve always found a little weird.

Two weeks ago I found this advertisement on Craig’s List;

I need pain, looking for man to hurt me while I pleasure him – m4m – 25 (Travel to you ) I’m a worthless piece of shit and I want a man to hurt me. Spank me, slap me, abuse my nipples, make me cry and beg for mercy. Can’t host can travel to yours. I will be eternally grateful if you hurt me.

I responded: Check out my blog at soxster.com – and you will see I know how to hurt….

Hey looks great… When can I meet you and let you hurt me? Is tomorrow good for you?

I’m afraid I’m off to New York on Friday for two weeks so it will have to wait until mid Feb. Would you be interested in being hurt on camera – you can wear a hood.

Forget it. I’m looking for right now, not in two weeks.

I don’t really understand guys like this. They appear to be horny in the here and now and have no capacity to plan. Surely if you have a fantasy of being hurt you would take the time to make sure it happened carefully and with someone you can trust.

Oh, and if he had agreed to meet me in two weeks I would have been working him over this week. Definitely his loss.   😉