I think I need to develop a sleep fetish. I’m not getting anywhere near enough. Part of the problem is the fact I haven’t mastered the art of the quick fuck as I mentioned in a previous post. When I have two boys tied up, as I did earlier this week, you just don’t want to let them go.

After you untie them, clean up and wind down then I was only getting five or six hours a night.

I was all set for an early night – well early for me anyway. I figured that I could be in bed by one am (not bad for a Friday night), set my alarm for eleven and have up to ten hours sleep.

And then just when I was about to get into bed a hot, hung, 19 yo boy named Mitch I have played with before messaged me to see if he could drop by on his way home. I can’t resist him.

We made out, he showered, we made out some more, watched some of my home made fisting porn, rolled around my bed, got him into my sling, opened his ass up with my hands, got him to the knuckles (but not a full fist), he took Rambone, nearly took BAM and then we watched porn and blew our loads.

Awesome night but I need more sleep!