I had a fun session last weekend at Club 80 in a private room. It involved Sissyboy and an English sub who I play with from time to time.  Before I tell you what happened – and show you the photos – I thought you might like to read it from the perspective of the English sub who wrote it up….

Be at Club 80, Peel Street. Sunday 8pm. We would not be alone.”

It is strange going to a place you don’t know, in a City you barely know, to be used by a man you are only starting to get to know. It is the latter thing that takes the inhibitions away – that and the inbuilt desire to be used that serves as my compass between bouts of unflinching normality.

I jumped on the tram. I knew it would take about 15 minutes so I would be early. Always better to be early when meeting your Master.

Next message – Master would be in Room 6 in the loft. The other sub would be in a cage to the right outside the door. Come upstairs and knock at the door. Wait with your back to the door.

I arrived at the club, gained my entrance and headed inside. I walked around the ground floor as I was really early. I regretted that a bit as within minutes I had been pulled and groped three times. In reality I found it horny but it wasn’t why I was there. I had to stay focused on that. I headed up to the top of the building. I turned a turned a corner and ahead of me I could see a door with the top half of a stable door ajar with a light on inside. I saw a cage to the right. That must be it. I headed straight to it with a determined stride.

My Master saw me briefly so pulled me inside straight away. He stood me in front of me, inspected me briefly with his hands. Pulled me close to him. I recognised the firmness of his grip and than the manliness of his smell. My heart rate increased yet I felt extremely calm. Strip naked and leave your clothes on the side. I did as I was told.

When naked I stood. He told me to close my eyes. The first thing we are going to do is go outside and the other other sub will suck us through the cage. I did as I was told, stood by the cage and presented my cock. The sub went for my Master’s cock first which I expected him to. Then to my cock. As my cock was sucked and my balls were licked my Master’s hand slapped my ass firmly several times. Them my Master’s cock was sucked then mine again. Two men came to watch but were not able to touch. I was then taken back into the room.

A blindfold was put over my eyes. A leather harness was strapped onto me, cold at first. I was then positioned onto a bed. Straps and metal loops were positioned around my legs and then my arms, positioning me firmly and helplessly onto the bed. My head was lifted and a hood inserted over the top. I felt someone else’s hands over me, too small to be my Master’s. The other person started to suck me working gently on my cock. Stroking my balls gently as he did it. This was another sub, no Dom would be so gentle with me. He was then instructed to work on my nipples, chewing on one while playing with the other. He knew how to leave his mark with his teeth but then his fingers worked them gently. A considerate sub- it wasn’t until later that I was able to return some consideration. Whilst he was doing this a sudden sharp hot liquid drop hit my arm, my chest, my leg, my cock, my arm again. Hot wax. I had never experienced it. The sharp first drop makes you feel like you want it to stop. Each successive drop makes you want to have more. Then more came. Then it stopped. I wanted more.

My hood was then lifted slightly. Just enough so my mouth was free, I kept my eyes closed as instructed. Suddenly a cock was in my mouth with balls over me hitting my head. This was not my Master’s cock. This was a thinner softer cock. The other sub was now being pleasured by me all for my Master’s satisfaction. Then he was taken away. I lay still. I heard some clicking noises but didn’t know quite from where and what they were. Then my mouth was full again. This time it was my Master’s cock. Thick, moist, tasty.

My restraints were released. I was pulled around and was then on my feet. I was taken somewhere and my Master instructed me to identify the means through which the other sub was being restrained. I was pushed forward. My hands reached out. I felt and stroked his arms. I then moved my hands down his back, down the back of his legs. His ass was pushed out slightly. I could feel a box at the bottom with his foot underneath. I worked back up to his arms and the same box was restricting his arms but they were free beyond it. He was in stocks.

My Master instructed me to suck the other sub while he received a spanking. He pulled me around to the other side of the stocks. I couldn’t see anything so just felt my way down until I found his cock. I then got to work as instructed. Then the thrashing began. One slap, then another and another, hard continuous on the sub’s ass, legs, back. I could tell where he was being slapped by the flinches he was making. He took his punishment with pleasure, moaning at each stroke however hard. I was gentle with his cock to give some comfort. His cock got harder with each strike and each suck. He could have cum, I felt he got close. I didn’t let that happen. I knew he would be enjoying it but it did not mean the strokes were easy to take. I then thing I heard a paddle whacking him. He flinched more with this. A force of wind blew past the sub’s ass with each whack, wafting into my face as I sucked it. A constant breeze showed me how often and hard each stroke was being administered. I made contact with the sub’s hand. As each stroke hit his hand held mine a but tighter. I stroked his hand. He did not need it but the fact that be held my hand tightly showed it meant something. Then came the whipping. Ten hard strokes to be counted by the other sub which he did as instructed. Each whip met with a flinch and more breeze and I remained attentive to my task of sucking holding his hand throughout. The sub counted 11 strikes (one as 9 1/2 and then ten). A sign that however hard they were he did not want them to stop.

He was then released and I was pulled up. My Master, or should that be our Master, pulled us over to the bed he was lying on. My face was pushed into his groin. I smelt it, breathing in each smell of sweet sweat while licking hungrily. He then pulled down his pants. I worked for a while on his cock and then his balls with my tongue. The last time I did the same was when I offered him a full service in a toilet in the business lounge at an airport. A good memory returned. The other sub was then instructed to share the task. We alternated in worshipping our Master’s cock with our tongues and mouths. We both made contact with each other, two mouths vying for the taste and often tasting the other.

I was then made to stand up and face the wall. A door opened and another set of footsteps were heard. I could hear the other sub gagging and choking which meant that he must have been servicing another cock to please our Master. He choked hard. I wanted to be him at that point.

My Master then indicated that it was my turn to help him rather than be used by him. Through a whole series of intricate steps a floating suspension of chains and and straps were linked to an iron grid going across the room. The other sub was then attached and lifted in a suspended position. He was held only by this series of chains and straps, swinging with each twitch of his body. Our Master played with him. He then told me to take the video camera and capture what happened next. The straps slipped a little but were reattached quickly. This sub was not going anywhere. Our Master put on latex gloves and lubed his hand generously. A finger was inserted into the sub’s ass, then two, three, four, then the hand. It was removed and the other hand was inserted straight in. The sub writhed with each plunge of a fist, held only in suspension with limited means to get away from the hand. This continued for a long period of time with all of it captured by me on film. I was then told to get a large brown dildo from a bag. This was then inserted into the sub’s ass. I was lying on the floor to make sure I could capture it going in and out but also to capture the reaction of the sub as he floated. I was envious of the sub’s ability and also wanted to experience the pleasure of our Master’s hand inside me. This sub was clearly younger than me but was advanced. He reminded me of my earlier self and I know if had been retained by my Master at home I would be much more advanced than I am now. I got close to this back then. Close, but not this far. I could take a whipping and a flogging. Not sure I could now. Maybe I will learn again.

The suspension was released and the other sub stood, still not able to see. Our Master rewarded him by holding him tightly. He had taken a lot and had pleased our Master. Our Master was proud of him. I hoped that despite my limitations I had still pleased our Master in some way.

Our Master checked that the wax had been removed from me and I was then clothed. Our Master held me tightly and it was time for me to go. I stroked the other sub briefly, a sign from one sub to another of respect but also of compassion. I knew if I got to spend more time with this sub that respect would grow.

I then left, got out of the club and headed home. I felt a similar intensive euphoria to my previous times with my Master. I know that I am only at the foothills of what might be possible. I can only imagine what happened to the other sub after I left. I can guarantee it would have been painful but he would have enjoyed it and pleased his Master through his joy.