I wandered along to the underwear party at the Laird Hotel last week with one of my soxster boys. It was pretty hot.  I ran into a few people I knew and we stood around in the outdoor area having a few drinks and talking. As the night went on the level of sexual activity increased. The dark rooms really got busy. Lots of cock sucking and some fucking. Probably twenty guys in each dark room. There was some bareback sex happening which always makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.

Some of the activity moved outside. It’s interesting to stand around with a group of friends talking and drinking while five young hot guys have an orgy in front of you.  I think what I found most interesting is how normal it all felt. It appears that I’m very used to being around naked people having sex in public. My lack of surprise was the surprise.

Later in the evening I started to look for the boy I came with. I couldn’t find him anywhere until I located him in one of the dark rooms with a hot guy on his knees in front of him.  He grinned and said he was having a good time. He was my lift home so we agreed to meet up in twenty minutes but he ended up being in the dark room for more than an hour.

I popped in to check on his progress every ten minutes or so and every time something new was happening. He was getting blown. Making out with the guy who was blowing him. Him blowing the guy who was blowing him. Getting rimmed by a guy while getting blown. Making out with the guy who was blowing him while a new guy blew him and someone else stuck a tongue up his butt. He was having a very good night. And, because my friend is very cute, so was everyone else.  😉

One of my favourite moments was watching a group of young guys talking  to each other while one of the hottest boys there, a young guy with glasses and shaggy hair, was rimmed by a guy kneeling behind him. Very hot to watch.

I’ve been to other underwear parties but this was the first time I’d been to the one at the laird in ages. I’ll be back – and with soxster business cards! I figure that if you’ve got the confidence to fuck in front of people you probably have the guts to do porn.

I did wander through the dark room. One of my friends describes me as being “hugely popular and popularly huge”. It turns out people in dark rooms like thick massive cocks – who knew?