I thought you might enjoy reading what my Canadian sub was thinking prior to our first session. I will post his write up of our first session tomorrow.


So I’ve been corresponding with Andrew from Soxster for a couple of weeks.  I ran across his profile on recon.com and saw the reference to his blog in his profile write-up and decided to check it out.  So glad that I did…

Andrew’s style of writing is succinct and to the point but very descriptive.  His matter-of-fact method of tackling describing dirty content and the things that he’s doing to his ‘soxster boys’ spoke to me in a way that let me really imagine myself in the enviable position of those lucky bastards.

In our first messages, Andrew asked me what I liked to get into and what turned me on.  He seems very considerate around turning his boys on and making sure they have a good time, although after speaking to him further I can’t help but think that the more he turns his boys on the more he’s able to control them and get them to go further than they ever have before.  A very clever man, and definitely a turn on for me! 🙂

I was definitely looking for a dominant man with experience to help me become the best submissive sex slut I can be….and that includes being able to take anything that a Dom man wants to throw at me.  Personal sex service, group sex, orgies, bukkake, toys……and fisting.  Always been interested in it and imagined it to take a lot of practice, but honestly think it’ll be a challenge for me given that my hole is usually pretty tight and I don’t get fucked/used often enough with big toys or huge cocks that I could take it easily.  I was very turned on by Andrew’s profile and the fact that he has trained a lot of boys to take huge toys and fists.

We exchanged number of messages back to confirm that our expectations were in line and to discuss what we were both looking for and with each message my excitement level increased.  There was definitely a fit between my need and desire to be a submissive cockslut and Andrew’s interest in having another horny guy to control and use and take to new heights of sexual experience.  Andrew suggested that we speak on the phone and we had a conversation for about 30 minutes one night and just by virtue of his manner, dominant voice, and attitude he had my cock rock hard and my hole starting to twitch and want more of his attention!  His dominance is asserted subtly and without question – this is obviously a man who has experience, and I was definitely left craving more.

I described some of my biggest fantasies and felt completely free to do so, no matter how depraved they might sound to someone else.  I am very concerned about keeping sex, especially fucking safe, as well as knowing that the man I’m submitting to is conscious of keeping action safe – assuming these are looked after then I feel like I can really submit properly and get as dirty as need be to please my Dom.  I definitely got that message from Andrew’s site and our conversation and felt immensely comfortable with him from the start.

We set a date for our first meeting which was a couple of weeks in the future (my travel schedule, and his previous ‘bookings’ meant that it would be a little while).  In the meantime, Andrew ordered me to start practicing and playing with my hole with some toys and send him some pictures.  I agreed without question and got my toys ready.

I put on some porn – the Fickstutenmarkt videos that I’d seen referenced on soxster.com – and started to imagine myself as one of the mares, and also wanting to please Andrew.  I got hard right away, and my fingers started to explore my hole.  My hole is extremely sensitive around the ring outside and I stroked my hole thinking of how I wanted to give it up to Andrew to use for his pleasure…and how I would love him to also give my hole to other men.  That’s one of my favourite fantasies and it never fails to get me horned up and hungry.  Before I knew it, my eyes were closed and I had three fingers up my hole moving in and out, stretching my arse open and it was time to move on to some of my toys.

I started with a medium sized butt plug – probably microscopic in size for someone like Andrew – and got that into my hole slowly.  I tried to go slowly and not rush…I am typically quite tight and really want to please Andrew by being able to have my hole take on bigger and bigger toys.  I also remember the references to him having quite a big cock and I wanted to be able to be an excellent fucktoy for him.  Stroking my cock and having the plug up my hole felt so good, especially as I imagined some of the scenes Andrew and I talked about.  The porn was really hot but I found myself more often than not with my eyes closed and really imagining that it was him using my hole – that made me even more excited and wanting more in my hole.

I worked up to the largest sized butt plug that I had, working that slowly in and out and thinking that I really want a nice big solid dildo to fuck myself with, or an asslock.  Andrew and I talked about going to Mannhaus or Eagle Leather to shop for some toys once he had a sense for what worked in my hole and what further training I should be doing to make me a good hole that could take what he wanted, and that excited him the most.   Imagining being his fuckhole, submitting to him and pleasing him, playing as he orders and (hopefully!) being whored out by him to other men that he orders me to please made me so horny, along with the stimulation around my hole made me get very close.  I edged for a while and just tried to enjoy the feeling of fullness and excitement from having my ass used.  I put in a Rude Boy vibrator and although not the biggest toy it hits my prostate just right and feels amazing.  This is really what fuels a man to want to get more and more up his arse – once he’s been stimulated properly it makes him even more hungry to go further.  Definitely the case for me.

I held off as long as I could, savouring the raunchy fantasies that I came up with and imagined would please Andrew and finally blew a big load.  It was a decent size, shooting up and onto my shoulder and chin but I obviously need more training as I don’t shoot as far or have as intense an orgasm if I come with my hole filled but I really would love to achieve a shattering orgasm while being stretched as wide as possible.  I think that combined with the physical activities, submitting to Andrew and allowing him to take control of me and my hole will be just the mindfuck I need to push me into the darker places in my mind and fulfill the hunger that I feel, and that he feeds.

I took some photos along the way – they’re not the best, trying to hold my phone with a lubed up hand didn’t work very well but I hope they please Andrew.  I can’t wait now to be at his door, as instructed with cockcage in place, back to the door with a spandex hood on and ready to serve him.  I look forward to writing that experience up and sharing it with you.