As promised, here is the write up of the Canadian boy’s first session.  🙂
He is a great sub – if anyone wants to fuck him, please let me know.


My first time with Andrew from Soxster

I had been waiting for this night for a few weeks – schedules and a hectic work schedule conspired to keep me away from playing with Andrew for the last few weeks but I was determined not to let this interfere with what lay ahead.  Andrew’s instructions were very clear:
– Be at my door at 8:00
– Be wearing your cb3000 curve cock cage (I suggested it)
– Back facing the door, with spandex hood on
– Knock on the door and he would pull me inside

The sheer fact that Andrew had provided instructions that I needed to follow started to make that familiar horny feeling start to grow deep under my balls and through my cock and down to my hole.  I’m not sure where it comes from, but being a submissive and accepting a confident Dominant man’s control and sexual dominance turns me on more than anything else.

I had thought ahead and shaved my hole and my balls that morning in anticipation so that was already taken care of.  I raced home from work and proceeded to have a shower and clean myself out.  It took a lot longer than I expected but I wanted to be thorough so I was ready for whatever Andrew ordered me to do.  Once all the water ran clear (note to self: get a shower shot to speed this up!) I had a final shower and dried off.  Each minute that ticked by closer to the time I would be finally meeting Andrew made the anticipation grow and made me more conscious of my prepared ass, smooth balls and desire to submit.

I got dressed in my cb3000 cock cage (a bit tricky since I had been at least half hard most of the day and it’s hard to fit into a chastity cage when already hard), a jockstrap I hoped Andrew would like, some jeans and a t-shirt.  I left time to walk over to his apartment and made the walk over.

I buzzed his apartment and took the lift upstairs with an older couple.  Had I not been wearing the cock cage I’m sure they would have both noticed that I had a raging hardon and probably had a strange expression on my face – both hungry to be used, excited to be making this happen and also nervousness at meeting him for the first time.

I finally got to his door, knocked, and put my hood on quickly and turned around, heart pounding.  He opened the door and I felt strong hands pull me inside.  The door clicked shut and I knew I was in for an interesting experience.  He put a blindfold over my hood and even the dim blurs of light I had been able to see faded to complete blackness.  He spun me around and pushed me against the door quite forcefully.  Not painfully but with purpose.  I’m a pretty tall guy (188 cm) and solid/stocky (100 kg) so not many people can push me around physically but I could sense that Andrew had a solid presence and I was feeling very excited that he could dominate me like this.  He surprised me by stroking my skin, first on my arms and up to my neck – alternating his fingertips and his fingernails providing different sensations.  Being that I was blinded completely I focused purely on these sensations and the heat that I could feel from him and his hands.  It felt electric – my skin is extremely sensitive and it is one of the biggest turnons for me to be touched and stroked and I could feel my breath catch several times in surprise and arousal.

He scratched my head through the hood – one of my biggest erogenous zones which nearly made my knees buckle.  I was feeling amazing and I hadn’t even taken any clothes off yet!  Andrew spoke just enough to set the context and let me know that I was there to service him and be his whore – he knows how to ‘talk dirty’ and tap into your biggest fantasies and keep you on a journey of arousal, without being porn-star-cheesy.  I loved him whispering in my ear about how I was going to be his toy and that my arse was his for the taking.

He slowly stripped me of my jeans and my t-shirt and pulled my jock down under my cockcage, making it push my nuts and cock further forward.  It was incredibly frustrating to feel him touch me all over, and touch the cage without ever feeling his hands on my cock.  I could feel his big hardening bulge against me when he pushed it into me, and even though I hadn’t yet seen or felt it with my hands I knew he was an impressive size.  The heat radiating through his crotch felt like exactly what I needed when it touched my skin.

Andrew pulled a harness over my head and quickly buckled it up along with a collar which was buckled in place.  I knew at this point that the submissive side of me was going to be a very happy whore tonight 😉  He pulled gauntlets over my arms – sort of like tall mittens (or opera gloves with no definition in the hands) and we had a little bit of trouble given that my hands nearly didn’t fit into the sleeves.  He tugged them on and with a little bit of pressure they slid in.  He then clicked them together behind my back so I was more powerless.

This was the only time in the night that I started to feel more fear than arousal creep up.  I am very claustrophobic and have some control issues and my heart started to race.  I took few deep breaths and  I reminded myself that Andrew had provided a safe word if anything became too much and also that I was absolutely craving serving and pleasing him and I started to calm down.   He also started stroking my skin and teasing me in a way that made me calm down given that his touch was sending the most delicious sparks through every part of my body and seemed to land in my cock, balls, and especially my hole.

After what felt like both a long time being teased like this (and don’t forget his deep voice and breath next to my ear sending jolts of pleasure down my spine directly to my arse), he spun me around and held me to him – I could definitely feel how big he was and nearly noone towers over me, but Andrew did.  I could feel his firm, impressive bulge pressing into the top of my arse and couldn’t help but thrust back a bit to feel more of him.  He held me with his chin on my head and I felt very safe – horny as fuck, but very safe 🙂

He unclipped my arms and allowed me to try and feel his crotch – very frustrating through the gauntlets given that I just wanted to feel him, feel all of him.  He then took me completely by surprise (something I’m learning he’s very good at) and picked me up and held me against the wall, arms around his neck and legs wrapped around his waist.  I don’t think anyone has picked me up like that – ever – and it was extremely hot.  Made me feel like he could throw me around as well as dominate me completely.

He let me down and led me slowly into another room in his flat – told me to be careful of all the lighting and camera equipment so I tried to be very conscious of my surroundings.  Still completely blindfolded, he had me kneel in front of him and my heart started to race when he ordered me to lick his cock through his underwear.  I was so excited to get my face into his crotch, smelling the clean manly smell and feeling the heat emanate from his crotch.  I started licking and trying to massage his cock as best as I could through the fabric, licking down to where his balls were.  I could feel his cock getting harder with my tongue but I couldn’t use my hands as they were still in the gauntlets.  Andrew said that if I did a good job I could take it out – and that’s exactly what I was going to do!   I tried to get Andrew as hard as possible by following orders and licking up and down the length of his hardening cock, and succeeded in making a tightly packed bulge in his underwear but I grew frustrated as the object of my lust was so close and I couldn’t get any further.

I think he could sense my frustration and after a while of letting me try he took the gauntlets off so that at least my hands were free and I could fondle his balls while licking his crotch.  He eventually rewarded me by pulling his cock out of his underwear and honoring me with his cock in my mouth.  And what a cock it is….long, thick and radiating heat…it sent a jolt through me to have it in my mouth and feel it getting harder.  He allowed me to bob my head up and down on his cock, telling me that it felt good.  I was so glad to get that feedback and I tried my hardest to get it all down my throat to please him.  He’s so thick that it’s tricky without catching on  your teeth but I did my best and was definitely in a zone to please.  He pulled me off his cock, which released reluctantly, and told me to turn around to face a table.  I thought this might be where he was going to inspect my arse but again he surprised me.  He pulled the blindfold off and told me to take my hood off, but keep my eyes closed.  I desperately wanted to please him so I did so.  He wrapped his arms around me, and was fiddling with something on the table.  When he told me to open my eyes, I was facing an iMac computer with a full screen video of an attractive young guy in a sling from above.  Again my cock jumped in the cockcage as I desperately wanted to be that young man with his legs in the air.

Andrew started playing the video which was very good quality and before long I could see a pair of hands playing with the guy’s hole.  Very quickly, Andrew fast forwarded and I was watching each hand alternate plunging into and out of the hole on screen.  It was so hot – Andrew leaned into my ear and said that this is what he expected of me and that he was going to train my hole to be able to take that.  As if that didn’t turn me on enough, he also whispered that maybe someday I’d be blindfolded and wouldn’t know whose hands were fucking my arse….that made me tremble with arousal.

After we watched the video for a few minutes, he stopped the video and ordered my hood back on.  He replaced the blindfold and we turned around again.  He pulled my head into his crotch and told me that he was going to teach me how to please a man’s foreskin.  Being cut, I’ve never had this experience so he patiently showed me how to suck the foreskin in and chew on it to please an uncut man.  I practiced – took a few attempts as his cock is so big and I really wanted it down my throat again but i persevered and think that I pleased him as he said it felt really good.  He allowed me to service his cock for a while more before ordering me to stand up.

He unlocked the chastity cage from my cock and it sprang free – nearly instantaneously rock hard.  I felt Andrew grab my balls and stretch them down to fit a ring around them which made them feel really full and my cock stretched out.  He then put another around them which I wasn’t sure would fit but it did, and now that I see the photos he took they look so hot!  He then led me into another room and had me lay back in his sling.  This is when I knew we were moving to the next level of training and submitting my hole to Andrew.

Whilst I was in his sling, Andrew continued to talk to me – sometimes being funny and charming and sometimes being downright filthy.  An extremely attractive combination.  He locked my wrists in place into the restraints and fit my ankles into the loops so that I was in place where he wanted me – I felt my arse and crotch be extremely exposed for whatever was next and my cock got even harder.  He started by pouring lube down my cock which then dripped down my balls and into my crack.  It was cold but a great sensation.  I heard him put on gloves and he started to play with my hole.  He was gentle but insistent and given that I couldn’t see anything I was completely focused on the sensations.  I don’t know the exact movements he was making (looking forward to seeing the film!) but he made my hole want more and more.  At one point I was just enjoying it so much that he snapped me to by asking me how many fingers he had up my hole.  I replied 2 (he has big hands) but he told me he had 4 of his fingers in my arse already!  I couldn’t believe it – but he’d obviously had enough control and turned me on so much that my hole became greedy for him.

He played with my hole with his fingers for a while more, exploring the different sides and teasing me with a little brush of my prostate which sent waves of pleasure through me and I think all I could do was moan.  He withdrew his hand and my hole felt empty.  I knew it – I wanted more!

We had spoken of amyl in the past and I love it – it makes me feel slutty, horny and helps to open my ass for a fucking.  He also told me that he used my favourite (Jungle Juice Platinum) as it works to help many boys open up to accommodate his big thick cock.  I was so glad when he put a mask over my face and told me to breathe in – I could smell the amyl and my cock jumped again.  Three deep breaths and then to hold it – nice and strong.  I didn’t have any claustrophobia as it was easy to breathe in the mask and I felt a warm wave of horniness start to wash over me.  I felt a cold toy start to press at my hole – it was a bit blunt but as the amyl did its job I just wanted to please him and wanted that toy inside me.  Andrew slowly pushed it in and my ring started to relax around it.  It took a few minutes but I finally felt my ass let go and the toy start to push in and I got past the head.  It felt amazing and the fullest my ass has been for a long time.  Andrew used that toy on my hole for a while and took some photos the whole time.  I was excited to see it in the photos – a massive veiny dildo was up my hole and I was loving it!  I must remember to pick one of those up to practice with 🙂

Andrew pulled the toy out of my ass and I think I whimpered – not because it hurt but because my hole felt so empty.  That was about to change!  Andrew squeezed more lube onto my crotch,. put a condom on and slapped his thick heavy cock against my hole.  Yes – I was about to get fucked by him and I couldn’t wait.  He put the head of his cock against my hole and pushed in.  He went easy on me at first but his cock felt as big as that massive dildo, but more satisfying as I could feel the heat radiate from it and warm up my hole.  He then pushed all the way in, making me groan with pleasure.  He used his position at the back of the sling to pull me toward him and start fucking me with gusto.  Fuck it felt so good to be blindfolded, in his sling and giving my hole over for his pleasure.  I hadn’t touched my own cock yet but was getting so much pleasure from feeling his cock drilling and stretching out my hole.

He drilled into me, pushing the sling back and forth and it felt incredible.  When he pulled out I nearly tried to scoot back on the sling trying to keep him inside me.  He did replace his cock relatively quickly with a new toy – again somewhat blunt but he gave me more amyl and I was in a state of euphoria.  Lots of amyl and deep breathing, combined with the experience of being there and having been deeply fucked…the feeling was washing over me and I started to feel a little bit weightless and like my whole world was centered squarely on my hole and the intense pressure I was feeling there.  Not in a painful way but just like I was being filled completely.  I felt totally stuffed and was brought back to reality by a new sensation.  I felt a hollow tapping which reverberated through my insides, radiating through my hole.  I heard Andrew ask me “do you know what you have inside you?” and I replied “a metal dildo?”.  He laughed and told me it was a baseball bat!  I was awestruck and he unclipped one of my wrists so I could feel down to my hole – I could feel my ring stretched around a cold metal baseball bat!!  I couldn’t believe it.  He laughed at my surprise and said “we’ve just started… I’ll be able to get my fist in you yet.”  I was so excited by that and didn’t want my training to end.

He kept alternating between toys in my hole and fucking me and I was in heaven.  My hole normally gets a bit sore or tired earlier but he’s obviously a professional and knows how to treat a sub whore’s hole and make him give control over to Andrew.  He had me clipped back up and I heard a match light.  Interested, I wondered if this was going to be the wax play that he’d mentioned before.  I held my breath trying to listen to see what was coming and then I felt the first hot sting on my leg.  It wasn’t truly painful, but just a hot sensation.  He continued to drip wax up and down my body and I surprised myself by realising that I loved it, and actually tried to move my body so that I would get more of the wax on my cock and balls.  It felt strange and new but also really horny!  Once the wax started to create a pool, it was a different sensation as it cooled.  I loved it and asked him if at some point he could do the same to my balls and hole 🙂  He said he could oblige, and I was conscious that even though I’d asked I was still under his control and would do as he ordered to please him.  I wanted to be responsive to let him know what was working for me as a horned up slut is an easy whore 🙂

He unclipped my hands from the sling and allowed me to touch my cock (which was straining at this point) while he filled my hole again with his beautiful thick meat.  When he pulled out the next time he asked me if I knew what was coming next.  I said no – but then I heard some billiard balls clacking together.  I’d seen one of the videos Andrew had favourited on xtube of a hot young man toying with a billiard ball in and out of his ass and wanted to try it.  Andrew lubed one up and started teaching me to play with it in and out of my hole.

That was hot and he moved me to the bed on all fours at first then on my back.  He took off the hood (but not the blindfold) grabbed my right hand and tied me to the bed, while he tied my ankles up in the air so my ass was still accessible.  I was then fucked senseless on my back and couldn’t get enough of his cock drilling me.  He asked me if I wanted his load on my face or in my mouth and I said I really wanted to feel his load all over me so he pulled out and kneeled over me asserting his dominance again.  I was allowed to play with his balls while he came explosively all over me and allowing his load to cover my neck, face and chest.  That was all that it took for me to come violently – knowing that I wanted to be one of his slut boys to use and sell.  He was talking about how he has mates that would come over and every time we meet I will never know if it will be just us – I could be made to service any cock he demands at any time.  That being one of my favourite fantasies made my orgasm last for a long time and I felt it in my well-used hole as well as deep in my balls.

He allowed me to lay there recovering while I was allowed to stroke his balls and then took me, still blindfolded, into the bathroom to clean up.  I took off the blindfold, got cleaned up and dressed then put the blindfold back on.  Andrew then led me out, wished me well and handed me my hood and cock cage and showed me out, ordering me not to look back when the blindfold was removed.  The door clicked behind me and my session with Andrew was over.  It had been nearly 5 hours!

I went home and had a shower and as i was cleaning my hole I noticed it was a little puffy and swollen but still felt incredible.  It turned me on enough that I took some lube and laid down on the bed and started jerking off again.  My toys felt pitiful and tiny compared to Andrew’s massive cock and the toys he’d used on me but they hit some of the same spots and I jerked out another load.

I can’t wait until my next training session with Andrew and I hope that he allows me to service him again very soon.   I think we’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg and I am anxious to further explore hot arseplay as well as fantasies, groups and role playing all the while being captured in photos and videos for his site.  Can’t wait – hard already.

Thank you Sir (Andrew) and I look forward to serving you again soon if you let me!!