In a fairly recent post, I talked about how I haven’t really ever mastered the art of quick sex. I know my readers will be glad to know I am making progress towards this. Last night Joel arrived at about ten past eight. He was blindfolded and led to the bathroom where he douched before his session began. After the session he showered and left – and was out the door by about 9pm.

So when you factor it all in – we only played for about forty minutes. Which worked out really well as it meant that the other boy I had over and I were able to head out and see a Comedy Festival Show before coming home for snuggles.  Incidentally, this comedy festival I seem to be seeing a lot of lesbian comedians who look like boys in their late teens or early 20s – what does that say about me?

Anyway, here are some photos of Joel’s session – he was hooded, blindfolded, stripped naked, had a ball stretcher applied and was made to suck cock before being thrown in the sling, opened up with fingers, plied with amyl and well fucked.

Joel definitely needs to work on his stamina. I’ve played with him occasionally since we first played when he was a young little twink in 2006. Clearly I haven’t played with him enough or trained him sufficiently – as he still has a lot to learn.  More sessions required.