I thought you might like the write up of my Canadian fuck boy’s second session…

Tonight was the night that I was going to be able to play with (and submit to) Andrew from Soxster again. It had been a week since my first time with him and I was extremely horny to play again. Over the past week I’d jerked off several times reliving our few hours together and playing with my hole, wishing it was Andrew using it.

I found myself back at his door at the appointed time. I quickly put on my spandex hood as instructed and knocked, feeling a mix of anticipation, excitement and even a little bit of fear. Andrew had said that usually experiences would be different and I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect.

He opened the door and pulled me inside, then clicked the door shut. He slipped a blindfold over my hood so that even the very dim shapes in the light were gone and I was completely in the dark. I still have no idea what his apartment (or him, for that matter) looks like. Andrew spun me around and roughly pushed me against the door. He took my arms and raised my wrists above my head and told me to leave my arms there. Exploring my body with his hands, standing so close I could feel his heat and his breath, he knew exactly where to touch to turn me on. Having my head scratched and stroked really turns me on and he knew this, paying special attention to that area, while he whispered things in my ear. He knew I’d be back, he knew I wanted, needed to be his sub, and that I was going to learn to serve him properly.

I know he doesn’t kiss often, and he kept teasing my lips by brushing his over mine which was an incredible turn-on. I hadn’t worn my chastity cage this time and my cock was rock hard in my jockstrap. He started to kiss me and the feeling of him pressed against me, with a very dominant kiss nearly sent me over the edge. He pulled off my shirt and roughly pulled my jeans down, telling me to get out of them. I learned from last time and hadn’t worn socks so I could just step out of my shoes and jeans quickly. It is a very erotic feeling knowing that Andrew was mostly dressed and I was stripped for his pleasure. He kissed me again, allowing me to kiss him back passionately. In his deep voice he told me that I was not to kiss any other man in his presence without his permission – was that clear? Yes Sir, I responded knowing that unless it pleased him I didn’t want to kiss anyone else.

He led me into his apartment and had me kneel between his legs and allowed me to get right into sucking his thick meaty cock. I used what he taught me last time about pleasing a man’s foreskin and I tried to get him as hard as I could. His cock grew in my mouth and felt proud at getting him excited. His phone rang and he answered it with his cock in my mouth. He spoke to a friend for a short time and told him at one point that he had his Canadian whore sucking his cock. He turned on facetime and showed his mate and offered my services. His mate said it looked hot but didn’t have a car. Oh well – maybe next time 🙂

I kept sucking Andrew’s cock and he said that I was learning well as I worked on his foreskin. He pulled me off and sat me in a chair. He turned it and ordered me to keep my eyes closed. He took off the blindfold and the hood and told me to open my eyes. I blinked, as the screen was very bright. I was looking at the screen and realised that the arse I saw being fucked with a baseball bat was mine! I could hear my voice groaning and begging Andrew for more. It was such a turnon to see my arse stretched around the big toys Andrew showed me on the screen. He asked if that turned me on and I responded YES! My throbbing cock also showed my excitement.

He hooded me again and turned the chair around. He then told me to stay right there, not to take off my blindfold and that he was going to be right back. He was going to get “the others”. My cock jumped with the possibility that Andrew had other men organised and I agreed immediately. I heard the door click shut and I waited with anticipation and a hard cock in my jockstrap.

I heard the door open again, but no voices. I felt Andrew touching me and telling me to stand up…I stood at attention trying to stand tall and look attractive and I felt Andrew’s hands on me. I then felt a smaller, colder pair of hands start to touch me which sent shivers down my spine. Andrew started to kiss me and I was getting very very aroused. He then told me to kiss the other guy – it was allowed since he told me to do so. I tried to find his lips with my blindfold on, and found his body with my hands. He was a lot smaller than I am but had a hot, tight body. He seemed to get aroused by kissing and I spent a while alternating between kissing both men – the tall dominant that I have enjoyed submitting to and the smaller one that I was ordered to. Both were very arousing and made my cock even harder and my hole start to twitch. They were both getting very hard also which was a great turn on..

Andrew led us a few steps to the right and sat on a couch with the other guy. I got on my knees and sucked the new guy’s cock into my mouth. Once I got his cock down my throat I could feel him throbbing hard when he was balls deep in my throat. I could taste his precum. I alternated sucking him and Andrew and for a while had both cocks in my mouth. It was difficult – Andrew’s is big enough to fill my mouth but I tried. It was very hot being on my knees servicing Andrew and another cock that turned him on.

He then led us into the back room where the sling was set up. I leaned back in the sling and Andrew shackled my wrists in. I was hoping I would be fucked by both of them! Andrew started to play with my ass and quickly put on a condom and got his cock all the way up my hole. It was a lot faster than last time and as I was getting used to it, I felt the other guy lean down to kiss me. He kissed me for a minute and then walked out as Andrew was fucking me. I found out later that he had blown his load then…I bet he was young and very excited, and I also bet he wanted to be in my place in the sling on the end of Andrew’s cock!

Andrew went out to check on him but was back shortly. The other guy had left and it was just us and me servicing his cock. He fucked me for a while and then pulled out, leaving my ass feeling so empty. He rustled around and then I felt some strong prickly feeling as a wheel moved across my skin with little pricks. It started off a bit painful but turned into something very pleasant. Same with a stick with electrical shocks that Andrew ran across my body, nipples, nuts, hole and cock. It was very unusual but started to be very arousing. I could hardly wait for him to fuck me again. Which he did, fucking roughly as he owned my hole.

We took a short break and then Andrew told me to relax. He lubed up my cock and held it – then I felt a strange stinging sensation in the head of my cock. I trusted Andrew but told him how it felt. He told me that I was being sounded, and to reach down and feel the rod…I couldn’t believe how far it was down my cock…and I could feel the bulb of it as it moved back up my cock. Strange feeling but when Andrew showed me later on screen very hot!

He then fucked me some more and undid my left arm – he knew I was right handed – and told me to wank…he wanted to see me shoot a load. I was to do it with my left hand so the camera could catch it. Unfortunately I came but it wasn’t captured by the camera, and my cock was so sensitive when Andrew went to touch it to move it into the right position I thrashed about and ruined the shot. I apologised for doing that but think I might be punished at some point for that.

Andrew then shot his load all over me – and I love that feeling. He said that he was going to teach me how to be fucked, cum and keep on being fucked. I am definitely looking forward to being trained into being a better cockwhore for Andrew. He unshackled me, I went to the bathroom to clean up, get dressed, put my blindfold back on and Andrew came to get me. He led me to the door, told me he expected to see me again soon and pushed me out the door. I took off my hood and was back in his hallway, already craving the next time. Can’t wait for it!