Last week I was standing next to a well fucked boy in my sling. He had three loads covering his stomach, chest and hooded face – mine, his and from the teenager who was in the shower cleaning up. It had been a really good night.

Earlier I had a houseboy cleaning up my apartment – dressed in a harness, collar, ankle cuffs and half head hood.  It was always hard for me to imagine how to make a really excellent blowjob better – but now I know. The absolute best blowjob becomes even better as you watch a hot boy with a great ass doing your dishes.  It just works on so many levels. The houseboy had earlier worked his way through some of my anal toys – cleaning them with antibacterial soap and arranging for the metal toys to be boiled in my kitchen.

Anyway, as I stood next to the cum covered Canadian boy in my sling I reflected on the skills of the well hung teenager in the shower.

“He’s incredible – he’s got a massive cock, he knows how to fuck, he can fist, take a fist, he’s an amazing guy – and he’s still a teenager.”

The Canadian boy in the sling grinned and responded “That’s a very impressive resume”

“It sure is, perhaps we need an adult version of Linked In?”

“I think it’s called Recon” he smirked.

His insubordination will be punished.   😉