A horny description by my Canadian boy of his third session with me….and Mitch the well hung nineteen year old.

After my last two experiences with Andrew from Soxster I definitely wanted more. Replaying them in my head just got me hornier so I jumped at the chance to meet up again.

Andrew instructed me to be at his door at 8:00 pm again. I had to rush from work to get home and start getting cleaned out. I like to arrive ready to serve with a totally trimmed, shaved and cleaned out body ready to be used by Andrew. I had to delay until 8:15 but let Andrew know in advance and he was fine with that. I made it to his door at exactly 8:15 and knocked. I again turned to face away from the door and put my spandex hood on. Andrew opened the door, pulled me in and quickly put the now-familiar blindfold on me. To this day I have not seen his apartment, his face, or anything beyond that door.

I could hear the shower running and someone moving inside so my heart rate sped up – Andrew knows I like group play and being used by other men under his direction. He spun me around and slammed me against the door. He kissed me roughly and started to tease my body. This has been one of my favourite activities as he really starts to make my whole body come alive. He ordered me to strip naked and get on my knees.

We moved much faster than the first two times I’d visited him. Andrew took out his cock and allowed me to start sucking him. He got hard very quickly and then led me on my knees into the bathroom. I could sense someone else was there and Andrew told me that he had a house boy cleaning the bathroom and the toys. He roughly pulled my throat back onto his cock and clearly wanted me to keep sucking him. He told the houseboy that I loved sucking his cock and that I liked to be watched (which I do).

They talked for a few minutes while my mouth and throat were busy sucking Andrew’s thick hard cock. He then led me to the lounge room and told me to sit cross legged. He started a video playing and a familiar voice started to moan and was obviously being fucked hard. Andrew knows it’s a turnon to hear the video of myself getting fucked by him, and his deep voice talking dirty. He went back to talk to the houseboy for a while and i got rock hard listening to the video, not being able to see anything but remembering every thrust I could hear.

After a while he came back with the houseboy and set him to work in the kitchen, then came back and sat in a chair in front of me with me on my knees sucking him. He made a call and then tried to facetime another guy to show him the houseboy and I serving him. It was very exciting to be used for sex while another guy was being used for domestic duties and hopefully getting off on it as much as i was. Andrew made me kneel up and move to the side. He got a roll of cling wrap and started to wrap my torso to mummify me.

Although I’ve sen it happen and read about others’ experiences being mummified in plastic, I still have serious issues with that and with anything that might restrict my breathing. I tried to relax and enjoy the sensations as Andrew wrapped layer after layer around me. He assured me that he wasn’t going higher than my neck and I tried to enjoy it but I was getting more and more anxious. I couldn’t breathe deeply and although I kept reminding myself that I trusted Andrew I just couldn’t relax. He sensed what was happening and paused. He told me to lay on my side on a comfortable bed but I begged him not to make me fall over. He knew that I wasn’t ready for this (yet) and hugged me, stroked me and kissed me…all normally surefire ways to turn me on but I just couldn’t stop thinking about how trapped I felt. He ripped open the cling wrap and released me – perhaps I can work my way up to this again but I felt so good to be out of the plastic.

He lay me down on the leather lounge and whispered dirty things in my ear and stroked my skin. This really did start to turn me on again and I quickly forgot about any discomfort. He put a thick ball stretcher around my nuts and allowed me to suck him some more.

He checked on the houseboy and indicated that he wanted me to play with my cock while he did so. They finished up the chores while I stroked my cock and started to tease my hole. Andrew then had me get up and get on my knees over close to where the chair is. He set up the lights as the houseboy cleaned the cameras and tripods of lube from the last play session. He told me to feel the houseboy’s ass and it was round and firm and smooth – felt like a very nice ass! Andrew gave him a camera and set about getting him to take photos in various positions – his cock in my mouth or on my tongue was a favourite as were our cocks together. That was very hot – knowing that I would see the photos at a later date but still had only seen anything inside that apartment through previous photos.

He finished up with the houseboy and the houseboy left. Andrew then told me it was time for the “real session” to start 🙂

He walked me into the bedroom and lifted me into the sling and quickly buckled my wrists in and put my ankles in the loops. It constantly amazes me how he can lift me up and swing me around – he’s a big and strong man! He told me that someone else was coming over soon and to get ready – a young guy with a horny attitude and a big cock. Knowing that got me extra hot.

While we waited for the other guy to join us, Andrew indulged me by allowing me to have deep breaths of amyl and also proceeded to drip hot wax on me again – I love that. Not sure why but such an interesting sensation, especially as it starts to cover your balls and cock – very sensitive areas. I could feel the warmth spreading around my crotch and concentrated on my balls. Very cool feeling. Andrew took some pics, then proceeded to get the wax cleaned from me – good thing I’d shaved my balls that morning!

Andrew lubed up my hole and started to finger me a bit then he worked his cock up my hole and was fucking me when the other guy arrived. He pulled out, leaving my hole feeling empty and went to get the other guy. They spoke for a bit and then came into the room. Andrew asked the new guy if he liked what he saw and I heard him breathe “fuck yes!” Andrew unlocked one of my hands and told me to reach out and touch him. What my hand came into contact with was a long, thick hard cock…nearly as big as Andrew’s!

That got me very excited and Andrew continued to fuck me while he told me to lean over and suck the new guy. I tried to do a good job of that (it was a bit awkward position) and Andrew asked the new guy if he’d like to have a go. He said yes and they switched spots. I heard the rubber snap on and then felt a new cock slide into my hole. It felt longer but not quite as thick (still bloody thick, mind you…) and as he started to move in and out it touched different areas than Andrew’s cock had. He started to fuck and then picked up the pace, grabbing on to my legs to slam home. I started to see stars as he fucked like a young stallion and I reached out to grab on to his muscular legs to draw him in closer.

He and Andrew took turns for a while slamming into my hole, sometimes slowly and sometimes with no mercy until I had no choice but to beg them to let me have a break. I craved their cocks but my hole clearly needs more regular training to be able to take an assault like those two deliciously thick and long cocks in quick succession (note to self – get a big dildo to practice on!)

Andrew agreed, but told me that I would need to take 50 strokes from his cock first. He slammed into me and counted down as I took the fucking as best I could. Once he was done he chuckled and said that he was sure I could take some from the new guy as well. He got into position and gave me 50 more hard thrusts – I definitely felt well used and like his sex toy when he pulled out. Andrew then came all over me – I love the feeling of his hot wet cum landing on my body in the sling, knowing that my ass had earned it out of his balls. He let me continue stroking his meat.

Then I asked if Andrew would tease my hole while I jerked my cock. He gave me a big hit of amyl, and I felt fingers exploring up and down my crack…and teasing my sensitive, used hole. It felt so good and I was getting closer. I thanked him for playing with my hole and I heard a deep chuckle in my ear – it was the new guys fingers I felt in my exposed ass. The realisation made me even hotter and I blew a load to add to Andrews. That made the new guy excited and he then blew his wad, hot cum landing on my shoulder, neck and body.

They left me hanging in the sling while the new guy left, and Andrew allowed me to clean up, get dressed in the bathroom, and then blindfolded me again. We said goodbye at the door and he showed me a short clip of the new guy’s thick cock pounding my ass, holding his ipad from behind me. Can’t wait to see the full version!

I left sore, used, and satisfied….but craving my next time with Andrew. I still have not seen his face but I bet I could pick his cock out if a lineup by how it feels in my throat and up my hole 😉

Can’t wait for the next time!