My Canadian boy’s write up of his forth session. I’ve been saying for some time now that I needed practise with quickies – here is what happened….

I had intended to meet Andrew at the Gatehouse the day after he and another guy had used my ass in his sling. I am interested to see it and play there but work interfered and I couldn’t make it. The next day, I was home from work and it was late. I checked Recon and I had a message from Andrew. We traded a few messages and soon he was going to stop by on his way home for some oral service by his slut.

I rang the front desk of the hotel and asked that they let Andrew up. By this point it was 11 or 11:30 pm so I’m sure he knew what Andrew was coming by for 🙂

He buzzed up and as instructed I met him naked, on my knees in a darkened room with my spandex hood on. I had a rubber cockring on but it was a size too small so I had to take it off fairly quickly. I could really only see dim shapes in the dark, and he sat on the lounge and dropped his pants to allow me access to his cock.

I had a laptop playing a fickstutenmarkt video which not only turns me on but I know Andrew likes them also. He ordered me to bring the laptop closer and continue to blow him. I was allowed to blow his thick meaty cock for about 15 minutes until he told me he was ready. He allowed me to stroke his cock while he watched the video (I could only hear it) and stood up to shoot his wad all over me. I really love the hot feeling of his cum marking me…as much or more than I found out I like hot wax dripping on me 🙂

He told me to lay down on the floor and he allowed me to blow a wad myself, having been so excited from being allowed to suck his cock, the amyl, the sounds of the video in the background and his deep voice saying some very dirty things. He told me to stay there until he left and left quickly, leaving me on the ground soaked in his cum like his personal cockwhore. I was in heaven 🙂