I’ve been tormenting a cute teenager who doesn’t live in Melbourne. He’s 18 and fucking adorable. He reads the blog and I’ve been teasing him by sending him photos of sessions. Recently, I’ve started face timing him during sessions…it’s worth it for the look on his face.  🙂 Here is what he wrote about the session….

Andrew sent me a photo of Sissyboy with a mouthful of cock and asked if I was free to face time, boy did I make myself free, he called me and my heart raced as usual, when the picture came up he was filming sissy boy sucking him off, and boy was he going for it 😉 after a long sucking and Andrew showing off Sissyboy’s body and ball stretcher, Andrew put Sissyboy’s balls in a device which flattens his balls, then went around to Sissyboy’s head and shoved his cock for more sucking, Andrew hung up and told me he’d call soon, I was so god damn hard and dripping pre cum everywhere, later on I heard my phone ring and ran to my room to answer, once again Andrew 😉 my cock popped up instantly, this time Sissyboy was strapped into the sling, AMAZINGLY HOT! Not just the scene, but Sissyboy is bloody hot! I wanna chat to him myself! Andrew started toying around with Sissyboy before starting to open up his hole, I think at one point he start teasing me by making sissy boy hold huge dildos! Sissyboy couldn’t get the smile off his face and I couldn’t get my cock down, I had to go, but Andrew kept me updated, sending me a video of sissy boy talking dirty to me which I still can’t stop watching (Sissyboy you’re amazing and so are you Andrew) he continued to send me videos of Sissyboy getting fucking and also fisted, I could barely sleep last night and still can’t stop thinking about it! Can’t wait to see more of Sissyboy or to hear from him!! 😉

I think someone has a crush on Sissyboy.  😉  I’ll post some pics from this session soon.