I ordered a new electro set recently and Jacksin came over to help me test it out.  Whenever I get new electro gear it’s important to see how it feels – and I learned some lessons with this one.
First, the unit is REALLY sensitive. When turning the power knob there was a very small difference between Fuck Yeah and Fuck Off!
We tried it on my cock and on my ass and various combinations of both.
I found the best combination was a cock ring and a metal anal probe. You really feel it – and get it just right and it feels amazing.
I’ve got a a fair few pieces of electro gear so I’ll have to dig it all out.
There were some nice programable settings on the new unit but I confess I like the basic pulsing action – where you manually control how often it pulses.
I hope you are looking forward to seeing me work over a number of boys with this. It’s been a little while since I’ve focused on electro – other than my violet wand. Ever since my last control box broke I’ve been amusing myself with other things. I guess it’s time to reacquaint myself with shocking boys.
Some I will shock for pleasure, others pain, and some get both. 😉