Now that I had popped Riley the beach boy’s eighteen year old fist cherry we were both eager to try it again.  I couldn’t wait for our next session.
He came over and we watched some of the footage from his last session. And a few other sessions I had done recently.  And then some other fisting porn. And them some other porn.
I’ve been really interested in the videos done by The Black Spark.  They beautifully combine lighting, editing, music and artistic camera work. I showed him some of their videos and asked if he would like to try something similar as I’d recently purchased some more lights.
He agreed, shed his clothes and it was time to play. We headed for the bedroom.
He got onto the bed and I arranged the lights so that he was being lit from the side as well as by colored lights. He looked amazing and once again it was disheartening to know that whatever photos I took were never going to match the beauty of the boy in front of me.
We started with him in his black hood lying back with underwear and socks still in place. I snapped away as he stroked himself through the fabric of his trunks and slowly revealed his perfectly formed and rigid teen cock.
We changed positions a number of times, and got some great photos of his ass with him on all fours. I even grabbed the electro wand and teased his cock, ass and balls. The orange glow of the crackling electro wand contrasted with the red and green lasers cutting across his body and the colored lights caressing it.
I bent down and licked the clear teenage precum from his cock and joined him in bed. I started licking him all over – such a beautiful body is definitely worthy of prolonged devotion.
As I licked my way around his body I discovered that he wasn’t wasn’t wearing any deodorant. That’s pretty rare. Many young guys don’t sweat very much and when they do it’s pretty sweet and fresh. Beach boy is one of those teenagers who doesn’t sweat much so it’s not required for him to dowse himself in need it.  But it meant that his underarms were clean and fresh as I licked my way up them.
This teen has had a lot of sex but he’d never have someone go there before. When my tongue made its way up his side he nearly hit the roof as I licked his clean, fresh, teen armpits. It was fun holding him down as he writhed around on the bed from the pleasure of my mouth.
We kissed, sucked and I rimmed his teen ass almost deeper than I had ever rimmed anyone before. For a kid who had been fisted, his ass was still pink, tight and hotter than hell.
I had such a good time. In fact he said that the foreplay for our session went for longer than he had ever experienced.  I guess that’s one advantage I have over the younger guys he normally plays with – I’m prepared to take my time and savor every moment.
I had piled pretty much every pillow and cushion I owned on to the bed. We arranged them so that he could lie face down on them and be totally supported in the doggy position. It took a fair bit of organizing to get them into the best position before throwing a sheet over them. “It’s like building a cushion fort!” he grinned. He was absolutely right. More proof that no knowledge is ever wasted – making cushion forts as a child prepares you to fist teenage boys – who knew?
I arranged the cameras to capture the session – one overhead and one to the side – and we began.
His ass was beautiful. He opened up prgressively – responding to my stretching. His teenage hole was trusting and let me in.
My fists were taken easily and we quickly worked up to punch fucking. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing beach boy’s teenage ass yielding to accept my fist.
He became the first boy to take my newest toy – a massive blue dildo covered in bumps. The sensation of the bumps gave him something new to experience.
What was great about this session was that he started to become more vocal. There were a number of times where he asked me to pull out a toy or push it deeper. This was awesome as it gives me the confidence to really work his hole knowing that he will be able to let me know if I’m going too far.
He relaxed and probably have taken a well lubricated Fiat 500 up his ass if operated by a careful driver.
He looked amazing.
I decided to push it even further. With my fist in his ass I grabbed the electro wand with my  other hand and started teasing his ass, cock and balls. The feeling of the electro on his ring stretched around my hand must have been sensational.
We moved to the lounge where we watched back part of his session. We had both been holding back cumming during the session and now with exhaustion taking hold it took both of us quite a while to get off. Finally we both blew loads that were definitely an anticlimax to what had been an amazing session.
I’m not entirely happy with the photos from the shoot but they show some promise. I’m looking forward to doing a proper shoot with this boy.