It appears I’m developing a reputation.  People are referring young guys to me when they want to try stuff that I’m good at. That’s a pretty beautiful thing. I thought the following email exchange might be of interest to you. Some identifying information edited – his name isn’t really Adonis but it should be – he’s fucking cute!

Hi Andrew,
I was talking to my friend about trying fisting and he told me to visit your site! 
I was just wondering how should I go about trying to take a fist? 
Hi Adonis
Fisting can be amazing fun. One of the reasons I like fisting is that the boys who have taken a fist have demonstrated significant commitment to their ass over time. It’s an indication that the boy is committed to having good sex, open minded and in touch with what they want.
In my experience, the most important thing is time. This isn’t something that can be rushed. It requires sustained stretching over time. This might take months or even years.
Too many boys say things like “I’ve got a really tight ass”, not understanding that what I and other tops hear is “I’m a lazy boy who hasn’t taken the time to loosen myself up”.
If you want to be fisted then the key is solo play. Taking your time and stretching your ass with a variety of toys. Over time you will be able to take bigger and bigger toys until that one day you are ready to take a fist.
The next step is to find someone who you absolutely trust to play with your ass. You want someone who can stretch you over a large number of sessions. Even boys who can take massive dildos have difficulty taking their first fist. The uneven shape of the hand feels very different to a toy and having someone you trust will be essential.
My advice is to use the word “out”. This enables your coach to push you right to the edge of what you can take. He can increase the pressure slowly until you say “out” and he pulls out of your ass.
Lots of practice is the key – both solo and with your coach.
When it’s time to try, and your coach may have a better idea of this than you, then my advice is to take it slow. Remember that as soon as his hand passes the widest point it will feel really weird as it locks into place in your ass. Remain calm and breathe. 
Above all, enjoy the journey. It will happen eventually. Don’t think about fisting as an end point – it’s a process. 🙂
How old are you and what’s the widest thing you’ve had up your ass? 🙂  Oh, and where do you live?
Thanks! That sounds really amazing! I have been practicing for months now. I have been practicing with my own fist and I’m almost there!
I also bought a really huge toy, it’s called Ploog, I bought it from 665 leather shop in West Hollywood, it won’t fit inside me at first but finally I got it in a couple weeks ago and it definitely felt weird! But the sensation! Haha 
I understand you are also a coach! I totally won’t mind having some practice 🙂 haha
I am almost 22 and I currently live Melbourne.
Hey Adonis
Ah, a Melbourne boy. I get emails from around the world so I didn’t realise you were local. 
Ploog looks like a good size. You are doing exactly the right thing – buying a toy that is larger than you can take and then practicing – and then when you can comfortably take it move on to the next toy. 
I’m always willing to train up young guys. As you can see from the blog I like to film and photograph my sessions – no need to show your face. Want to get your first fist on film? 😉
yup yup!! Though I am leaving for Canada in late July! So it would be cool to meet before then =) It would be really hot if you could do the deed! I really really want a fist up my hole. So in the mean time, what should I do to prepare for you? =)
Are you leaving for good or just a holiday?
Let’s do a few sessions in July and see if we can make it happen.
Just keep on stretching your hole – don’t go for depth – go for width. Practise breathing. Do you use amyl?
I am, I have been here since Feb on a student exchange at RMIT. I am leaving at the end of July for good (hoping to find a way to stay here tho!), but I am planning to visit often because I have friends here.
Cool let me know when you are back and we can try some! It will be fun! haha 
I use Amyl but running out, where can I get them here in Melbourne? 
Best place for amyl is Manhaus just near Collingwood Station on Hoddle Street.
So I’ll hood you up and work your ass and you can write up your experience for 🙂 
So tell me more about you? 🙂 how tall? 
So yes yes, I am 21, almost 22. 5ft6 (165cm) 125lbs (55kg). I was born in Cambodia, moved to Canada, and now in Melbourne. haha I feel like every gay in Melbourne probably knows that about me lol Yeah I am at RMIT uni atm. 
 I guess I should send you some pictures! haha So what should I call you by? 
Thanks for the photos – you’ve got quite a hot little body there, don’t you? It will look great leathered up in my sling. Black hood to hide your face as you get your hole worked. Remember to moan a lot – it makes the video a lot hotter.
During the session – when you are wearing a collar then call me knight or sir. 
Thanks thanks that sounds really hot got me instantly hard! 
haha I can definitely call you sir 😛

I’m looking forward to playing with Adonis.  He’s got a beautiful body and I can’t wait to abuse it. 😉