I might be adventurous when it comes to sex but I’m conservative when it comes to drugs. It is really interesting to me how many guys I play with express surprise after a session at how much fun they can have with me without being wired or high. I discourage drug use during sessions as I prefer to try and establish as honest a connection as possible
However there is one exception – which is amyl. In Australia we generally refer to it as amyl – rather than poppers.
For those of you who don’t know what amyl is, go and have a read on line. I’m not recommending you use it – but become knowledgeable and make an informed decision.

A friend of mine once said he likes amyl because it’s a “Non committal high”.  Within a few minutes of using it you are back to normal. Normally no hang over, no wishing you hadn’t taken it. No morning after.  That’s a very good thing. 

I’m increasingly concerned about the level of drug use associated with sex, in particular BDSM.  If you need drugs to really enjoy sex them I think you might be doing it wrong. Or your partner is.
Especially for young guys whose brains are still developing – please stay away from drugs. I’ve seen too many good people be impacted by them. 
It is a concern that for many young guys  there is a link between BDSM and drug use. I think part of the reason for that may be that young guys who are attracted to BDSM have an attraction to “risk taking”. The reality is that if you have the right playmates, BDSM is incredibly safe and lets you act out a range of “risky fantasies” without risk. 
In my view it is definitely safer for a 19yo battling hormones and the exuberance of youth to come and get tied up and fucked rather than take thrill seeking  risks out on the road. In fact, decent BDSM experiences can leave most young guys feeling calm and relaxed.
Could make a great road safety message: “reduce the road toll – fuck a teenager today”. 
BDSM is like other controlled risk taking activities people do for a thrill – like rock climbing, abseiling, surfing, mountain biking, boxing or skateboarding. There’s just one big difference – it’s much, much more fun and you get to cum. 
So, this is a friendly reminder that BDSM and drugs don’t have to go together. That BDSM is a good outlet for controlled risk taking behavior. And that fucking horny boys makes the world a safer place. So find a teenager above the age of constant and help make the world a better place. 😉