On the night before I headed overseas, the two twinks who were accompanying me for the first part of the trip slept over so we could all go to the airport together in the morning. I’m going to call them puppy and piggy.  Puppy is into puppy play, and Piggy just likes as many young guys as possible to fill his box with cock.  😉

I invited Mitch over as well – because I wanted to see how he and the puppy would get along. Mitch is 19 and the puppy is 21, but looks much younger. The puppy has been almost exclusively attracted to older beary guys, but I thought that he might like Mitch as he is a mature 19yo who has a killer smile and is incredibly down to earth.
They had met once previously but had never played before. It really surprised the puppy how attractive he found Mitch – but it didn’t surprise me at all. 🙂  Mitch is a slightly stocky, country boy who has the outlook and sense of humor of an older guy.  He’s cute as hell, an amazing kisser and has a grin that can melt your heart.
Mitch and Piggy arrived first and there was some good old fashioned fun. Light hearted cock sucking and making out.
Within about five minutes of the puppy arriving he was making out with Mitch on my couch while he stroked Mitch’s massive cock. It was so hot to watch. When it was time for the puppy to show what he had in his jockstrap Mitch was very impressed.
Piggy was extremely hungry and headed out for a bite to eat, while the rest of us continued to play.
The puppy almost never wears normal underwear. When a normal guy has a massive cock and he gets hard, there is enough material in his underwear to stretch to accommodate it.  Because the puppy is so thin, his underwear is small, there is less material to give. When you combine a small frame with a massive cock then it meant his cock was actually ripping thorough underwear when he got hard. Which got very expensive – not to mention annoying. So these days he just wears jock straps – a very sound solution for a young guy who is hard on a very regular basis.
We moved to the bedroom. Normally when two hot guys are making out on the bed in front of me I get jealous – but it was so fucking hot I decided to leave them be for a while and enjoy the show. With my cock in one hand and my camera in the other of course.
They were making out passionately. Stroking each other. Rolling around on the bed. Licking each others bodies.
And then something I never thought I’d see – Mitch actually deep throated the puppy’s massive cock.
The puppy lay on his back and Mitch approached his cock from the direction of the pup’s belly button. It slid into Mitch’s mouth until it was buried entirely down his throat. It wasn’t just impressive because of the length of the cock – but the width. I have problems getting something that thick  into my mouth, let alone down my throat.
When Mitch released the cock from his mouth he was slightly red faced, but triumphant. He grinned at my expletive filled praise and shrugged and simply said “it’s my party trick”.
He went down on the pups cock again and once more swallowed it to the base before releasing it. He grinned.
“It’s actually good because it goes past that point where you want to gag”.
The play continued for ages before the puppy and Mitch blew massive loads that went everywhere – they both blow massive loads!
The next day the puppy and I flew to Bangkok and I exchanged the following messages with Mitch about the puppy:
Andrew: If you were ten years older I’d suggest we adopt him 😉
Mitch: Haha. Shared parenting. 
Andrew: In a “lets spit roast daddy Mitch” kinda of way
Mitch: Haha. Fuck the other night was hot
Andrew: It really was – lets do it again soon
I really wish Mitch had gone on holidays with us. On the flip side – I doubt he and the puppy would have left the hotel room for the whole trip.  Not a bad way to spend ten day I grant you – but we can do that here. 😉