A boy I quite adore is currently working at Disneyland for twelve months on their college program. It was his dream to work there and he’s been having a great time. Putting thousands of college age students together will definitely create sexual tension and he has been having more than a few sexual adventures. 
He read the story about me taking the fisting cherry of Beach Boy and that led to the following online conversation. I don’t think he has embellished what happened – if anything he had underplayed the experience…

So you liked the beach boy story, huh?
yep – I’m reading your conversation with him now
He’s pretty amazing
i want to meet him
You also have to meet Mitch. You’ll get a crush on Mitch – we all do
haha I’ve a crush on a Mitch here. he’s so sweet, used to do Aladdin
Mitch’s 19 and everyone gets a crush on him, me, harry, piggy, puppy
Hehe….love Aladdins
i’d be hated by all of you, if we hit it off really well and started dating haha
It freaked puppy out – first younger guy he’s ever been attracted to


I wouldn’t hate you – provided there was the occasional three-way and snuggling

hmmm maybe
of course there’d be snuggling
oooh i had a threesome last week
Not introducing you until you agree
Do tell
first one in a long time
back in my first week i met up with another CP from grindr, he was adorable and has a huge boner for peter pan
Haha….did you wear your costume?
we had sex a couple of times in the first few months of me being there, he’s a great bottom and even better top
hah no
recently he broke up with his boyfriend and we started talking again, the topic of a threesome came up and he got all excited at the chance.
I wish I could fuck you properly
one day
probably in seven weeks.
Had some practise, huh?
i found another CP who i had been talking to about threesomes with, a hispanic guy from ucla, he looked white in pictures, and much more attractive in them too. They both came over and we were just talking for a bit on my bed
And then?
i being the super horny shit that i am made the first move, shoving my tongue down peter’s throat, then quickly switching to UCLA boy
Good boy
Get this party started
we were all really horny within a few minutes and the clothes began to fly. peter’s beautiful cut cock was jutting out from his body like a rake elmer fudd stood on.
UCLAboy had a slightly smaller cock than me, and was uncut too.
Hehe…variety. So who sucked whose cock first?
diving down on both of their cocks, i enveloped peter’s first. i missed his cock and it’s perfect ridges. i then switched to UCLAboy’s which was leaking a little bit of precum
And how did that make you feel?
i switched back and forth between the two for about five minutes, then it was peter’s turn. he dove on our cocks like white on rice. his expert mouth working both of our cocks at the same time. peter rose back up and UCLAboy too his turn. kinda average cock sucker. my guess is that he’s a new gay
His first threesome?
peter and i knew who was going to bottom first, rubber’s came out, cock’s were lubed, and asses primed.
yes i beleieve so
So who got fucked first?
Dripping precum here
i bent UCLAboy over and he buried his head in peter’s cock and balls. i slowly pushed the head of my cock into his pink hole, he took it with great ease. i held still for a bit just to get him used to the size of it then continued on, slowly starting to fuck him faster and faster.
Was he tight?
he began to beg for peter’s cock inside him, i obliged.
So you tagged him?
after having loosened him up a bit he was ready for peter’s thick cock . i slid in under his mouth and let him choke on me for a while. i was starting to get close, so i pulled out of his mouth, and begged him to fuck me.
This was while Peter was still inside him?
he rubbered up and slid inside me easily, not being that thick made it so much easier. peter then slid back into UCLA boy
peter began to fuck again, and UCLAboy began to fuck me. i can only imagine how intense he must have been feeling.
Hehe….was it his first time being piggy in the middle? Could you feel peters strokes being transmitted into you?
You were on your back, right?
of course, you thinkn i would want to miss out on it
Did you make out with ucla boy?
it’s kinda funny, peter and i were pulling faces at each other the whole time we were fucking uclaboy like two college boys tag teaming a girl
That must have been so hot
just like UCLAboy, i began to crave peter’s cock. he jumped at the chance to fuck my tight hole again
So you were definitely breaking him in
Why the fuck didn’t you get pics?
was the last thing on my mind
it took a little bit of patience, but peter got in and was rather relentless. he’s a great top, knows how to fuck gently and then speed it up to no holds barred
So how did Peter fuck you?
on my back
And how did Peter fuck ucla boy? Gently?
And what was ucla boy doing while you got pounded?
he was a little forceful, but ucla boy was moaning in pleasure
ucla boy stood in the corner acting a little bit awkward just beating his meat.
Enjoying the show no doubt
I love watching you get fucked
peter ended up cumming while inside me, but it’s okay, it was safe sex. he pulled out immediately after, leaving me feeling empty.
How were you feeling?
i wanted to try double fucking ucla boy. he agreed to it, and climbed on top of peter’s still hard cock. i pulled out an extra glove i had lying around and lubed that up to finger his hole while he had peter’s cock inside him
i managed to get four fingers in, but it was a bit too much for ucla boy, so i went back down to three, which he loved. peter loved that feeling too.
lastly it was peter’s turn to get fucked, ucla boy didn’t feel like fucking him, so i did.
Do a good job?
knowing how he likes to get fucked, i just let loose and bred his hole like nobody’s business.
Good boy
Did ucla boy try to stick his cock in anyone’s mouth?
you haven’t seen me top yet have you?
not really
Had anyone other than Peter cum yet.
I want to see you pound someone
i think ucla boy shot his load while he was jerking
I’ve seen you on your knees blowing guys at a NYC bar
Peter must be great to take a pounding after blowing his load
And how long did you fuck him for?
until i got tired
about ten minutes
it was rather intense
I can imagine
How did it finish?
us all in the shower
cleaning up
after i fucked peter we all got in to clean up so they could go to work
So when did you cum?
later that day…
So everyone got fucked – that’s a good threeway
Hopefully I will be able to fuck you properly when you get back
should probably start training with those dildos again
I want your fingers clawing my back as I pound the fuck out of you
Hear you whimper as you kiss me
Hold you and tell you it’s going to be ok even as I pound you
So yeah, I have some new boys you’ll want to meet
And get fucked by
Mitch’s cock is pretty massive
Thick as mine
oh gosh
And beach boy is an awesome guy
Lets double fuck him
haha okay
But first – I want some love making and snuggles
And you know I’m posting this conversation on soxster, right?
Though so
Do I need to change names?
already done for you
Thought so
I really wish I was spooning you
I’m in an amazing hotel with a king size bed, a shower larger than my bathroom at home, a massive cast iron bath, white hotel sheets, five stars – Wish you were here