So last weekend was pretty amazing. My friend the mid twenties little ranga piggy was in the city and we caught up for lunch and a little shopping. We messaged Mitch to see if he was free for dinner and we hung out until he arrived. We had a loverly dinner and evening together. We researched cranberry infused Bear Hug vodka (great name and great taste) and got a little tipsy. We then messaged our favourite eighteen year old Beach Boy, Riley, to see what he was up to.
Turns out he was feeling pretty frisky so he snuck out of home and grabbed a taxi to come over.  It was pretty cute –  Piggy, Mitch and I were really looking forward to Beach Boy coming over; Mitch and I because we had previously played and knew how fucking awesome he is and Piggy because he had seen the videos of him and correctly perceived that Beach Boy is hot as hell.
Beach Boy arrived in the taxi, came upstairs and within a few minutes we were all naked and making out. Piggy was blowing Beach Boy as I blew Mitch. And then Mitch and Beach Boy made out as we continued to felate them.  The kissing and cock sucking continued in various combinations for quite a while.
I popped into the linen cupboard and grabbed a hand towel which I quickly soaked in hot water in the bathroom. I rushed back to the lounge room and ran it sensually up and down Beach Boy’s crack as he made out with Mitch. He moaned as the hot wet towel prepared his ass. I love to rim incredibly hot young asses but I always prefer to make sure they’re perfect first. Plus the boys always seem to like the sensations of a hot wet towel – and they’re generally smart enough to work out why I’m doing it so there’s that awesome feeling of anticipation. When his ass was clean, hot and wet I set to work with my mouth – and it was amazing.
When my tongue needed a break I jumped on the computer and found a video from a previous session with Mitch and Beach Boy. It was so cute – they loved seeing the sex but hated hearing their own voices. I sat at my computer showing them various bits of the sessions while the three of them sprawled over each other on my couch, making out and stroking cocks.
We then moved to the bedroom and we ended up in a phenomenal position that made me regret not having cameras permanently mounted to my roof or a cameraman on constant standby.
I pushed Beach Boy onto his hands and knees on the edge of the bed so I could kneel next to the bed and push my tongue as far as possibly up his eighteen year old ass.  He started to moan – until Mitch stood on the bed in front of him and fed his thick cock into his mouth.  Piggy then curled up on the bed and slipped his head under Beach Boy’s torso and started blowing him.
Mitch had the best view. He held himself in place by pushing his hands against the ceiling as Beach Boy started to use Mitch’s cock to rape his own mouth.
When Mitch and I messaged about this later he said “God I nearly fell over when he was blowing me”.
From my vantage point i could see Beach Boy’s head bobbing up and down on Mitch’s cock every time my tongue found it’s way to the top of teenage ass crack in front of me. After five minutes I decided to see what was going on and withdrew my tongue from his butt and lay on the bed next to him and watched the show. It’s amazing how well Beach Boy sucks cock – he didn’t have any problems with its impressive girth or length stretching out his teenage throat.
The group split apart and ended up with Mitch and Beach Boy making out but in a way that Beach Boy was lying across Piggy who proceeded to work some fingers into his ass.
I just can’t get enough of watching Beach Boy and Mitch make out. They’re just so fucking good at it. When they kiss it is definitely like there is no one else in the world – they’re concentrating on each other and there’s amazing affection there.
The playful time continued – no fucking but plenty of snuggles, hugging, licking, fingering and sucking.
After a number of hours of playing we ended up tucked into bed to get some sleep. The three of them piled into the second queen size bed in my bedroom and I climbed into my bed and started to fall asleep – until I realized that there was some fun happening in the dark.  Piggy was playing with Beach Boy’s ass while Mitch made out with him. I couldn’t quite work out what Piggy was doing with Beach Boy’s ass so I reached down and found a medium but plug lodged in his ass.
Despite the fact I hadn’t cum I curled up and watched in the dim light the antics of the three hotties – until my weariness took over and I dozed off.
After half an hour of cuddling and canoodling they couldn’t, or didn’t want to, sleep and headed into the lounge room to talk. They say that when children are really quiet then that’s when you have to worry. As I lay in bed listening to the silence I started wonder what they were up to. I rolled out of bed and padded my way into the dimly lit lounge where I found the three hot boys snuggled together on my two seater couch covered by a doona. Their night had definitely turned social with lots of discussions
Being incredibly tired I headed back to bed.
They eventually got hungry and decided to head out into the city. They wandered around, popped into a Chinese restaurant and eventually ended up snuggled together on the grass in the Treasury Gardens – an inner city park pretty close to my house. As dawn started started to break on the horizon they headed back to my house and fell into the second bed in my room to try again to sleep.
Mitch awoke from his sleep to find that Piggy had rolled on a condom and slid into Beach Boy’s ass.  He thought it was very hot but also a little jealous that his own massive teen cock wasn’t buried in the cute teen ass.  I was oblivious to all this – being fast asleep. Perhaps trying to do this silently without waking me was part of the thrill.
In the morning Beach Boy headed home first followed by Mitch who had to head to work (and spend the day trying to stay awake). It was just Piggy and I.
No one had cum from the previous night’s activities. No one had wanted to spoil the moment or change the dynamic. I think that’s actually a really strong endorsement of how much fun the evening had been – no one wanted it to end.
Piggy and I slept in until about three pm and when we woke up we were both hard and horny. I pulled out my iPad and he pulled out his MacBook and we showed each other some of our favorite porn shoots. We jerked ourselves off and managed to blow simultaneous loads.
When talking to Beach Boy later, he commented  it was a little weird to drop by my house and not get fisted but he had a good time.  😉
Yet another mid blowing experience with three incredible guys. I’m so amazingly lucky.
(Just need to work on my stamina – and cut back on Bear Hug vodka before four ways).