Many years ago a beautiful friend of mine was driving along when she pulled up behind a bus filled with kids going on an excursion. The back of the bus was filled with teenage boys – probably around thirteen or fourteen years of age.

One of them waved at her and she waved back politely.
The kid grinned and after making sure he had the attention of his mates pointed at himself, then pointed at my friend and then thrust his hips backwards and forwards in the international sign for “lets fuck”.
My friend thought for a second, smiled, and pointed at the kid and then held her thumb and forefinger about two inches apart in the international symbol for “you’ve got a small dick”.
The kid visibly crumpled as his friends laughed and cheered. As she drove past the bus they waved her farewell with genuine respect and admiration.
That incident actually occurred about a decade ago. Somewhere out there I’m sure there is a guy in his mid twenties with erectile disfunction issues that can probably be traced back to that humiliation. Either that or he spends money on professional mistresses to punish him on a semi regular basis. When you’re a teen, incidents like that can be very formative.