It had been far too long since I had played with Sissyboy and I was looking forward to his session. We met at Manhaus where he helped me select some new, and quite massive, ass toys. We grabbed a bite to eat and then headed home where I showed him some scenes from some recent fisting sessions. He headed off for a shower and to prepare – aided by the shower-shot fitted to my bathroom.

Being a considerate master I also popped into the shower briefly to ensure my cock and balls were clean and fresh for his tongue to worship.

After he returned to the living room I showed him a particularly hot scene of me fisting a teenager. I parted the white bathrobe I was wearing and slightly spread my legs.

He knew what to do. Within five second he was kneeling between my legs with sucking on my cock. He really is a very good cock sucker – excellent ball handling skills. He blew me while I watched the films. Occasionally I tilted his head when I wanted him to get a good look at something on the screen.

I’ll try to write up this session in more detail later. Suffice it to say there was fisting and electro…..some pics and video below to give you an idea……