In some of my previous posts I’ve described some of the amazing young guys I’ve played with who are into ass play. They are sensual, confident, sexual guys who love sex and who have taken the time to get their asses ready for sex – and in some cases fisting.
I’m constantly surprised by the number of young, and sometimes not so young, guys who contact me and proudly say they have a really tight ass and then expect me to be able to do something about it.  It’s actually not a good thing.  When someone says they have a tight ass it is really an admission by them that they’re too lazy to have done anything about it.
Well, perhaps lazy isn’t always true. It might be they’re not particularly sexual. They might have only recently decided they want to try ass play. But regardless of the reason, do I really want to play with someone who isn’t in touch with their sexuality enough to prepare themselves for a truly excellent sexual experiences?
Now if a boy does contact me with a tight ass and asks for advice then that’s fine – I’m more than happy to help them put together a plan to fix it – but it’s not fine to contact me and expect me to solve it.  A good BDSM master is good at ass stretching – but also knows that the boy needs to step up and practise.
I’m amazing at stretching asses. I’ve given many boys their first fuck or their first fist. I know how to get an ass open. I have the patience, the know how, the equipment and the desire. But ass stretching really needs to occur gradually – it’s something that you need to do yourself as well as with others.
So take responsibility for your butt. Stretch it, open yourself up. Use toys, vegetables, your fingers – whatever it takes.  And have fun doing it.  It means that when we are playing I can push you further and do some things you can’t do by yourself – but from a level you’ve already achieved through self discovery.
I showed this post to an eighteen year old who has taken the time to stretch his ass – and can take a fist. His comment was “I like it I hope it inspires all those tight asses twinks to buy BAM :P”
I agree – I think more teens should be able to take the massive brown BAM dildo up their asses – and I’m willing to help any teen to get there who has taken their time to stretch their ass themselves.  😉