A few weeks back I had the pleasure of introducing a young guy to sounding who had never experienced it before. I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed it more than anyone I’ve ever sounded before. I got a few pics and videos of the metal sinking into his milky white early 20s cock – but also asked him to write up his experience. Hope you enjoy reading it:
This is the first erotica I have written of any kind and it’s an account of a personal experience, so please bear with me.
I have never been sounded before today, but have always found the idea interesting though, ever since my first STD check. Tonight I learnt what sounding is like and experienced the 3rd kind of orgasm I have ever felt.
After cleaning and disinfecting the sounding equipment Andrew went to drop the first in. It felt uncomfortable for the first few centimeters but then an explosion of ecstasy that I never felt before started to rise up. It was unlike most orgasms people feel typically.  It was as if the sound was producing the good feeling and I was just along for the ride. 
He told me to relax and the sound dropped another few centimetres into my cock and I almost orgasmed but it just wouldn’t let me, holding me onto the proverbial edge, the electric tingling just behind the door knocking. Strangely I was getting goosebumps on my back even though I was lying down on the bed. It was if my body was saying “this feels fucking awesome, I don’t know how to tell you brain, hold on tight”
We tried a shorter sound, this was however was lumpier with each bead-like part bigger and bigger, it wasn’t as nice though but I knew it was going to help stretch me out for something better.
He pulled it out and tried another kind of sound, unlike the first one which was long and slender, this one was thinner but the end part was a lot thicker, he dropped it in and as it slowly slid down under its own weight it was ecstatic.
Since it’s very hard for me to “relax” I did some thinking and figured out something and tried the opposite. Instead of just “relaxing” I tried to push against it as if i was taking a piss.
The sound suddenly dropped at least 5 centimeters and even though Andrew slightly panicked from it suddenly moving deeper into my body. I was in heaven. Awash with a euphoria I hadn’t experienced before. It was no single spot, it was as if my whole urethra was having a party, my legs went like jelly and my back tensed up and arched, I started to sweat across my face (which happens like, never) and it felt like the hair on my head leapt off and ran away. And it just kept on happening! Unlike other orgasms, this one lasted a good 20-30 seconds. I just had the 3rd kind of orgasm I’ve ever had. No ejaculation though, a dry orgasm but most definitely one I will want again.
I knew it was risky but I really wanted to cum with the sound still in, he said it was okay so I started stroking. It must’ve looked funny, trying my best to keep my cock pointing straight up so the long sound didn’t damage anything. I started to stroke and the sound would bounce up and down, if I tightened it moved up, if i pushed against it with my pelvic floor, it dropped lower. Over and over a wave of euphoria flushing through my system until finally with a mighty and painfully sounding groan I came.
The euphoria was intense, a inner fire never felt before burst out and took over my whole body, it was a typical orgasm in the general sense but on the extreme scale, my hair across my whole body stood on end, any worry in the universe washed off like watercolours on water. 
The pressure started in my toes and in my hands, traveling up the extremities, passing over every joint in an explosion of joy you got as kid with a giant pile of autumn leaves or like me, frolicking at the hidden golden sandy beaches in the Coromandels in New Zealand, yet an electric feeling of ecstasy, the sound of ice cracking and flowers burning. and then all these feelings reaching closer and closer until they all converged at my groin at the same time.
It hit the sound and pushed it a bit but that didn’t stop it, it was so powerful it went around the big end of the sound and spurted out like a water sprinkler, I tend to come a lot – the hornier I am and and more satisfying it is can generate pretty massive loads – and this time was one of my highest producing, it literally sprayed everywhere. my chest was heaving and I tried to talk but I was literally speechless, It was only until after a several more minutes I was able to mutter out “wow…. oh my god…” and repeated that at least 30 times.


I know, I Will Be Back.