I started writing this a few weeks ago – and despite several drafts and rewrites it doesn’t even come close to the intensity of the experience – which was one of the best nights of sex I have ever had. But here goes….

I am so lucky. My life really is full of awesome people and experiences. Yesterday was one of those great days I will always remember. I’m so fortunate to know the two such extraordinary young men I spent the day with. 

I’ll tell you the headline first – but to break it down to this totally underplays the experience. “I simultaneously fisted two teenagers”  of course sounds amazing – but it was so, so much more than that.
Beach Boy and Mitch are both regular playmates of mine. I’ve fisted them both – and they have amazing skills for an eighteen and nineteen year old. These are boys who are sensual and sexual and experimental. Open minded guys with a maturity beyond their years who aren’t afraid to explore.
They had been chatting for ages online but hasn’t met before. Beach Boy arrived first. We talked, watched some previous shoots.  Hung out and chatted. When Mitch arrived Beach Boy got quite shy. It’s amazing how such a hot, confident, intelligent guy can get so shy when meeting new people who are going to fuck him.  For people who had chatted for ages online it was unnecessarily awkward. Finally I playfully grabbed them both by the scruffs of their necks and pushed their heads together. Their lips locked and it was on for young and old (and young). Awkwardness eliminated.
Mitch went to the bathroom first to get ready (shower and douche). Then it was Beach Boy’s turn. While he was in the shower Mitch showed me his latest gear – a red rubber suit. He changed into it and he looked amazing in it. Incredibly hot. It works with his coloring and it fits him perfectly.
He lay back on the bed and I snapped some photos of him – first with the red rubber suit fully zipped up and then with his massive cock poking out through the fly. I alternated between blowing him and taking photos.
Beach Boy joined us fresh from the shower. I snapped some more photos as he blew Mitch before climbing onto him and making out with him as Mitch’s cock rubbed against his ass.
It looked amazing. I love watching young guys making out but this was pretty incredible. Visually it looked amazing. I should probably point out that this entire session took place on my bed under bright lights.  While having sex in the dark can have a sensual erotic quality, I really do enjoy sitting back and enjoying the show being put on by my sexual partners.
By now the boys were extremely fucking horny and their natural inclinations kicked in – in no time Beach Boy was on his hands and knees on the bed as Mitch pushed his thick cock in and out of his ass.
The contrast between the two boys made the fuck even hotter. Mitch’s red rubber suit and Beach Boy’s tanned body. Mitch’s massive cock and the thin lithe body accepting it. This wasn’t a case of two clones fucking – it was two very different individuals with definite personalities which somehow made it even hotter.
The boys collapsed on the bed – they love to fuck but they really wanted to fist. Mitch shed his red rubber suit like a snake, and the thin sheen of sweat that has accumulated inside the warm rubber evaporated from his teenage skin.
One of the things I do occasionally is set up a camera and a screen so that boys can see what I’m doing to their asses. I fixed a camera to a tripod and put the monitor on the bed.
Mitch gloved up as Beach Boy got on his hands and knees on the bed. I pointed the tripod camera at his ass so he could watch what was happening. We decided to use a combination of Crisco and water based lube and Mitch prepared his hands so they were wet and slick.  He started to play with Beach Boy’s ass.
One of the hottest parts of the evening was when Mitch was working open Beach Boy. The black Crisco covered gloves slowly, very slowly, worked open the eighteen year old ass in front of him.  Mitch has amazing patience. His technique is fantastic – one of the best I’ve seen. He read Beach Boy’s reactions incredibly well – stretching and fisting him faster and faster and then slowing down just before he couldn’t take any more.
The tanned body of Beach Boy contrasted with the black gloves and white Crisco.  Every square inch of his ass was covered by goose bumps.  This was a boy who was stimulated and totally alert ready to savor every touch.
I loved the fact that Mitch’s nineteen year old cock remained entirely rigid while he was playing with Beach Boy’s ass. Because he was gloved up he couldn’t touch his cock either – so it stayed hard and untouched.
At one point Mitch demanded “now suck my cock while I fist your ass” – but with a grin and such a twinkle in his eye that his order was clearly playful. Not that Beach Boy was in any mood to disagree – he swallowed the massive cock while sticking his ass right in Mitch’s face – so that he could get a good view of his hands sliding into the ass in front of him.
Various positions followed including one where I could feel Beach Boy’s moans on my cock as I gently fucked his face while Mitch worked his ass.
After twenty minutes Beach Boy needed a break and it was Mitch’s turn.
When I was in Berlin last year I had acquired a portable sling – it has a loop for each leg with a strap that goes behind your head with a padded strap. Black and red leather.  Mitch really looks amazing in anything red and he looked so hot in this.
Beach Boy gloved up and started working Mitch’s ass. Lying on his back meant we both had a great view of his reactions as Beach Boy worked his ass. I made sure the camera was pointed at Mitch’s ass and his head constantly switched between watching Beach Boy and watching the screen.
His ass opened up really well. A small amount of blood but nothing serious. In no time Beach Boy was fist fucking him rapidly as Mitch moaned.
Mitch watched the monitor and then looked me right in the eye, flashed me his amazing grin and reminded me I’d never seen him take it that well. Fucking adorable. I almost dropped the video camera I was holding.
Mitch moaned and encouraged Beach Boy to go harder by repeating “that’s it” and “fuck yeah” over and over again.  He reached down and pulled his ass cheeks even further apart to urge Beach Boy to really work his hole. This was incredibly intense ass play for anyone – let alone a teenage ass! The ass play got more and more vicious until Mitch called a time out and lay back looking incredibly content and sleepy – he was definitely having a mind blowing experience.
After a rest we decided to try chariot racing – which involves two guys on their hands and knees being fisted by the “chariot racer” – who has one boy on each wrist. We gave it a go but their asses were pretty tired.  We decided to take a break. We headed out for dinner for an hour.
When we got home and stripped naked we resumed with both boys on their backs and me sitting on a stool next to the bed working with asses with Crisco covered gloves. It was very safe sex – Mitch on my left hand and Beach Boy on the right.  Mitch opened up nicely but Beach Boy was finding it a bit more difficult because of the previous play. After some quick discussion, Beach Boy switched onto his hands and knees. They started off side by side but at Mitch’s suggestion, Beach Boy slid over him so they were chest to chest.
They made out as I slowly worked their holes with my hands – getting them wider and wider. Beach Boy was getting really open now – being on all fours, albeit on top of Mitch – was really working for him.
You would think that having another boy right in their face would actually discourage them from making noise but the opposite turned out to be the case. I think that realizing how much they liked hearing the other teen moan gave them the freedom to moan themselves. I love boys who know how to moan and these two were quickly learning how to give great feedback.
At one point I decided that I wanted to get a really good reaction out of Beach Boy – I told him to move his arms and legs so the full weight of his torso was pushing against Mitch. I told Mitch to hold Beach Boy tight against him – while I worked his ass that was open and accessible. Beach Boy moaned at the rough intrusion and begged me to give him a rest which I did for about thirty seconds – before resuming my assault and his moaning reaching new levels. Mitch made out with him while I continued the ass play on both of them.
The video is so hot – two incredibly hot teens riding my wrists while they make out and moan.
Their asses temporarily exhausted we took a break and then I decided it was time for my butt to be played with.
I climbed on the bed and lay back. Mitch gloved up and started working my butt while Beach Boy watched. Mitch’s great technique felt amazing and it was hard not to blow my load. Beach Boy also gloved up – and assumed my ass was as flexible as his young butt. It had been a while since my ass had been played with. I’m going to have to teach him how to slow down and take it very slowly – as I expect he will be breaking in quite a few fist virgins over the next 40 years.
I once again demonstrated my massive precum capability. I think they were both impressed at the amount leaning from my cock. Mitch worked my ass more open until I couldn’t suppress the sensations any more and I blew. I lay there for about five minutes just enjoying the post orgasm bliss before I headed off to have a quick shower.
The shower took a lot longer than I expected. The Crisco was everywhere and it took a considerable time to remove it from all my nooks and crannies. When I got out of the shower Beach Boy was just pulling his slim eighteen year old wrist out of Mitch’s nineteen year old butt.  I chided myself for taking so long in the shower.
However, it turns out I now know exactly what happened while I was in the shower. While two of the three video cameras focused on the bed had run out of memory (and we are talking sixteen gig cards here!), the camera mounted overhead had continued to record. Even my ass stretching had been captured!
The video is so hot. No faces but you can hear their interactions as they have amazing fun. You can hear the shower running in the background – and Beach Boy even comments “quick shower my ass” – which is actually very sweet as they’re worried I’m missing the show.
Mitch was on his back on the bed with Beach Boy working his ass pretty hard. Mitch was clearly having a very good time – and managed to film some of it using his iPhone. The footage from the overhead camera is incredibly hot – two teenagers having ffun.
All too soon it was time to finish.  Mitch and I had somewhere to be somewhere. We gathered in front of the TV and watched some of the session. We all agreed later that it was one of the best sessions that each of us had ever experienced.
I know it’s tempting to fetishizes teenagers, and Mitch and Beach Boy are young, hot, cute as hell. But to characterise them as merely that does them a disservice. These are not two inexperienced boys fumbling around – these are sexually confident young men who have the skills and expertise to really enjoy sex and have an amazing time. The sex we had would have been extraordinary no matter what their ages – and the fact they’re young, hot teenagers was merely icing on the cake. I hope that when they’re my age, and I’m in my – gulp – fifties, we are still doing it.