A letter from a reader:
Hi Andrew
 I am thinking pretty seriously about getting a sling so turned to the forums to see about opinions of types and see if there was hanging info.  I don’t move in circles with anyone I can easily turn to for info.  I appreciated your Soxster post very much.  Hoping you will have answers to three questions  :).
I am a big (120kg) older (57) guy so want leg comfort & avoid cramps, and it might not even work out because of that, so I should probably restrain myself (so to speak) somewhat.  I have some cushions are ideal for doggie style exactly what you wrote about relaxing … difficult sex positions become a distraction from getting lost in the animal pleasure.  I don’t picture myself traveling with a sling. 
I am a renter I was looking towards eyebolts centered in the joists above my “acoustic” (popcorn) ceiling.  I thought if I drilled a wide enough hole in the acoustic, say 1.5 cm, that I could then use a long bit and drill into the joists with eye bolts.  Later I think I can do a reasonably good patch; my landlord is not too engaged.
1.  Size of mounting rectangle.  Two sites on the web had the same directions but did the math differently.  They both said  mounting points out 1/4 to 1/2 as far as length from ceiling to sling.  Say a 45cm wide 140cm long sling and target of 150-250cm spread, (high ceilings, made up numbers) one site said ceiling rectangle 345×440 to 545×640 and the other site said 195×290 to 295×390.  (First site added it in both directions second site just one.  I *think* the first site was source and second site a copy did the metric to imperial conversion wrong).
2.  Direction.   It seemed like they recommended sling in same direction as joists head to foot, but with that much spread, I almost think the forces pulling towards the center side to side might be more than the head to foot, though perhaps my answer is narrower up top.  Thoughts?
LOVE your idea of the ideal 5point sling with being able to cock to boy’s head back!  I love swallowing cock that way.
3.  I guess I have a third question which is whether I better give up on ceiling and just go for a stand?  Americans have all gotten so fat that the stands all claim to hold nearly 100kg more than me, safely.
Before I hit the forums I googled, checked craigslist ‘for sale’, and looked at Mr. S and Fort Troff.  Fort Troff has a doggie style sling, sort of a swinging fisting bench I’d be curious your reaction.
I would be grateful for any words of wisdom, and if you ever come to SF or need something here please call on me for a return favor.  I spent 3 weeks in OZ in 2005 with my then-partner, including a week at the Laird, but stupidly fearing noise booked us into their little annex across the street, and so missed the conviviality of the lodgers upstairs in the classic  tavern/inn/pub style.  
Hey there,
I’m afraid I can’t really give you any advice on how to attach a sling to the ceiling. I had someone come in to bolt eye hooks into my concrete ceiling – definitely helps to own rather than rent for things like this. There are normally kink friendly builders in all cities – and I was referred to mine by the local gay leather sex store (eagle leather – just around from the laird).
Sling stands have gotten a lot better. A few years ago they were pretty flimsy and crap. But competition and better design now mean that they are a good option. Might be worth considering.
I use my sling for fucking and fisting. If you want it exclusively for fisting then consider a hard sling. But it’s a matter of personal preference. 🙂 I know many guys swear by being fisted on a semi hard surface – but it’s about taste. 🙂 if you aren’t going very deep a standard sling should be fine. If you want to fist or be fisted to the elbow then you’ll want a flatter surface.
Check out sling king’s website – they’re a Berlin based business and do some great padded leg loops – really comfortable. I love their stuff and I always buy way too much when I’m in Berlin. 🙂
My advice – get a good quality square cargo net leather sling to start with – but get a really comfortable leather pillow, leg loops, etc
Sorry I can’t provide more technical advice on hanging the sling. We all have our skills – and that’s not mine. 😉
Here are the leg loops I was telling you about:
I have a pair of these and they are extremely comfortable. You might be able to find something similar locally – get something padded and wide.
Also get a big comfortable leather sling pillow. It makes the experience so much better. You should probably budget as much for the accessories as the sling itself. Leg loops, arm loops to hang on to, decent sling pillow, etc – they make a good sling experience even better.
It’s the best money you’ll ever spend.  🙂