As I was lying in bed with two hot teenagers who had previously taken me to the wrist (how awesome is my life), our discussion turned to young guys who say they are into fisting but who really haven’t put any time or effort in – either in terms or gaining knowledge or experience. 

In particular, we were making fun of guys who say they have been fisted when clearly they haven’t been.
One of hot teens pretended he was playing with a very tight ass and said sarcastically “yeah sure you’ve been fisted before”.
I joked, “So when you were last fisted, who got their hand inside of you – was it Barbie or Ken?” – which I must confess we all found rather funny.
Our comments weren’t designed to disparage boys who hadn’t taken a fist yet – but rather boys who say they have when they clearly haven’t (no, taking five fingers isn’t the same as being fisted).
All three of us agreed that we loved helping out beginners but that we wanted a level of honesty and knowledge from them.  It’s best to play with guys who have done their research and can explain clearly what they have done and what they want to achieve.
A couple of pointers for beginners:
– taking five fingers is not the same as being fisted, don’t imply that it does as there is a big difference between five fingers and a whole hand and it makes you look optimistic at best
– unless you feel the wrist lock into place in your ass (and you will know it when you feel it) then you haven’t been fisted
– it’s ok that you haven’t been fisted, everyone who has ever taken a fist knows it takes time and effort, don’t be embarrassed about this – experienced fisters often look back fondly on their journey to taking their first fist
– part of being fisted is going through the process – which can take months or even years, enjoy the journey
– guys into fisting tend to be very sexual and take sex seriously – after-all they’ve taken the time to achieve something pretty extraordinary, rather than just having a quick wank
– almost every guy I’ve met into fisting is going to be very open with advice and will want you to be able to join the brotherhood of fisters
So have get out there and have ffun – but be honest about your knowledge and abilities and good people will want to help you. 🙂