Ah the irony. After falling off my bike – with no one to blame but myself –  I find myself with my arm in a sling. Six weeks at least. Which of course is pretty sucky. Normally it’s me putting other boys in slings.

It was a day of firsts – first time in an ambulance, first time in emergency. I made the extremely hot blue eyed paramedic laugh when I compared the methoxyflurane (the drug you inhale for pain relief) to really good amyl. Apparently no one had ever made that comparison before.
Also it appears that fisting has given me super pain management powers – when asked the question of where the pain was on a scale of one to ten – where ten is the worst pain of your life – I never got above a five – well after the morphine anyway. Ah fisting – preparing you for the trauma ward.
When the doctor gave me katamine (special k) prior to a potentially very painful proceedure I said it was my first time having a party drug. He apologized with a grin for the absence of flashing lights and a mirror ball. 🙂
So the subs of Melbourne will be getting a break from me – well at least as far as some of the more involved forms of BDSM that require two hands.
Still, it gives me a chance to pull together the photos and stories I’ve never had a chance to post.
This will also be the first time I haven’t been able to masturbate with my right hand so some of my playmates should expect to be jacking me off on a semi regular basis. 😉