Another session with Riley the Beach Boy and Mitch. When Mitch came over we talked until Beach Boy arrived.  The buzzer to let him up to the apartment wasn’t working. I sent Mitch down to get him with a blindfold – and three minutes later I was presented with a hot boy in a black fur lined blindfold at my front door. I dragged him in and pushed him against the door. Within a minute I surprised Mitch by pulling a second blindfold from my back pocket and also blindfolding him. 

I pushed them together and they were making out as I slowly stripped them both – making sure that Beach Boy’s hands brushed across Mitch’s blindfold so he could feel that they were both at my playful mercy.
I stripped them very very slowly – with their making out only pausing when I pulled them apart so I could kiss them as well.
Their bodies are beautiful. I ran my hands all over them – a sensual tactile molestation with my fingers teasing every pore.
I dropped to my knees and alternated blowing them while they continued to make out. I stood and grasped Beach Boy’s shoulders and pushed him to his knees where he could blow Mitch and I.
After about twenty minutes of kissing, touching, caressing and sucking I moved the boys to the bedroom. They both grinned as I pulled them gently towards the bedroom – they knew the way of course.
They couldn’t see the room was almost entirely dark with a green glow from the lasers that were dancing across the roof.
They lay on the bed and once again moved into their default position of Mitch lying on his back and Beach Boy siting on his waist leaning forward to make out with him.
I played with both of them and made them play with each other until I pushed Beach Boy’s beautiful face onto Mitch’s monster cock.
I removed Mitch’s blindfold quietly so Beach Boy didn’t know it had been removed. He gazed down at the eighteen year old deep throating his cock in the soft green light of the lasers dancing overhead.  We grinned a “this is so awesome” smile at each other and made out while Beach Boy raped his own throat with Mitch’s cock.
I lifted Beach Boy’s head and removed the blindfold. He blinked and focused on Mitch, “well hi there” he exclaimed brightly, before they both chuckled and made out some more.
We chillaxed some more before heading out for dinner.
When we continued the session after dinner the green of the lasers had been replaced with red lights.
I positioned them on their knees chest to chest – and once again they made out as I popped blindfolds back over their heads. I put them into leather chest harnesses as I teased their bodies.
I slowly attached wrist cuffs to all four wrists. I positioned their hands on the other boy’s ass and attached a chain between their wrists – binding their arms in a permanent hug around the other.
They started giggling as I started to bind them in cling wrap.
“See, this is why I can’t take bondage seriously” smirked Mitch. Perhaps he didn’t fully realize that I didn’t expect them to.
When wrapped from their necks to just below their asses I tipped them onto their sides. They weren’t quite in the right position and they had to wiggle up the bed. This quickly became hilarious as Mitch invented “the caterpillar” and tried to thrust his way up the bed as Beach Boy was thrown around on top of him. It was very funny to watch and it became difficult to determine which movements were associated with a genuine concerted effort to move up the bed and which were caused by helpless laughter. They wondered aloud what this must look like to me.
I retrieved a bottle of lube from the bathroom and slipped it between their necks and squirted half of it over their chests. The cold lube contrasted with the heat that was building up under the plastic.
I reached past their cocks and squirted the rest of the lube on their stomachs, cocks and balls.
The cold lube made them wiggle against each other which had the desired effect of spreading the lube around their bodies.  I knew from experience that in less than a minute the lube would warm up to body temperature inside the plastic.
The laughter, grins and giggles continued – without any assistance required from me.
It was time for me to have my fun. I reached up between their stomachs and started to move the lube around and gently tease their skin. No actually tickling them yet but not being afraid for my hands to wander into sensible regions like the sides of their torsos.
They started wiggling and tried to suppress their laughter. Mitch later said that initially they both tried to tough it out without giving too much away or trying to move too much to avoid wiggling too much against the other boy. But eventually they both gave up and laughed and giggled their heads off and wiggled as much as they could within the confines of the leather and cling wrap.
I teased their torsos, underarms, cocks, balls, asses, backs, nipples – everywhere.  There was even some finger fucking of Beach Boy – something I’m not sure Mitch realized was happening.
Eventually  it was time to release them. They had wiggled out of part of the wrap and it didn’t take long for me to cut the rest of it off. They lay there on the bed panting.
It was only when they took off the blindfolds they saw I had been video taping the session. After they recovered we headed to the lounge to watch it back again.
The boys were disappointed in the video – it looked so tame in comparison with what they were feeling. No video could come close to representing the sensations they felt – the feeling of being bound and helpless, the growing heat, another boy writhing against them, the cold lube that rapidly warmed.
We all showered and the boys headed back to Mitch’s place for cuddles, sleep and cum – but not in that order.