I’m impressed with the number of young guys who are into fisting. I’ve been chatting with a hot 21yo who agreed to let me share his story.

Andrew: So how did you get into fisting?
Ellis: Well, my parents decided to move away from Sydney to a more rural area when I was 16, and I was left with a lot of free time, solitude and a very fast internet connection 😛
Andrew: That’s a great quote  😛
Ellis: I first came across big cock, then big dildos, and then huge dildos… And then fisting. I just found it really hot. So when I moved to the city for uni when I was 18, I decided to actively look for experience 🙂 It’s difficult finding young guys who are in to this sort of stuff. Or rather, young guys who will admit it 😛
Andrew: They’re out there, and you’ll find them   🙂  Come to melbourne and I think I can get your wrists into a few boys 😉  You’ve fisted other boys, but never been fisted youself?
Ellis: My biggest issue is that I’m very impatient with myself. As a top I’m extremely patient with others, but I tend to force it with myself and end up with an injury which puts me out of action, meaning I have to start all over again.
Andrew: Well there’s a good deal of self analysis there – so you know what you have to do. But sometimes that pain works, doesn’t it? 😉
Ellis: Haha, yeah. I’ve recently changed tactics, and I’m just trying to enjoy the feelings without thinking about trying to take more, or move on to the next toy. It’s working quite well 😛
Andrew: Excellent 🙂 You’ll get there. Enjoy the process. I really want soxster to show young guys that kink and ff can be fun and playful 🙂
Ellis: Yeah, it’d be great if more young guys were in to it.
Andrew: They are. But none of them want to admit it. Or ask for help
Ellis: Yeah, true.
Andrew: As more people “come out” as being into ff the number of playmates will increase. So tell me about the first guy you fisted?
Ellis: Well, like most of the guys I subsequently went on to meet up with, I found him through Recon. He was a very experienced bottom in his early 30’s, and we’d been chatting on Skype for a while. One morning he asked me if I was doing anything, and feeling spontaneous I went to his place. At first I was pretty nervous. At that stage I hadn’t been with many guys, even just for regular sex, and when I saw all of his large toys and lube arranged on a towel on his bed, I knew he meant business 😉
Andrew: hehe. How old were you?
Ellis: I’ll have to check that actually, hehe. I can’t remember if it was just before, or just after my 19th birthday.
Andrew: And what happened?  🙂
Ellis: He laid back and I put on gloves, before coating my finger in lube. I was pretty surprised when my finger slipped in to his hole with very little resistance… I’d never experienced anything like that before. I was used to my own tight hole, which required quite a bit of coaxing just to get to that stage.  I pulled out, added a bit more lube and went back in with two fingers. I found his prostate straight away, and started massaging it, which drove him crazy.
Andrew: Hehe…so you knew your way around an ass then. So many boys I play with have never experienced a prostate massage  😉
Ellis: It was actually kind of weird… He’d been fisting for nearly 10 years, but was surprised when I started doing that. He seemed pretty naive to his own anatomy, and apparently neither he nor anyone else had done that to him before.
Andrew: Too focused on stretching and not the sensations  😉
Ellis: Must have been. Anyway, despite the fact that he was very open and relaxed, I was still hesitant to go too quickly or be too rough. It was my first time after all, and I was only just starting to get the feel for it. I continued adding lube and additional fingers until four of them were inserted to where my thumb meets my palm. He wasn’t much of a talker, so I had to keep asking him if things were alright. He assured me it felt great, and to continue.
Andrew: And was he loving the fact a teen was stretch ing his ass?
Ellis: Well, after it all he did say he loved that I was so young and kinky. Like you, I think he prefers the company of younger guys, but finds it difficult to find experienced fisting tops. He kept asking me if I was sure that it had been my first time, and I assured him it was. So by the time I reached four fingers, I was thinking it was going to be really easy to insert my hand. He had taken my fingers so easily, and he really was very open and relaxed by this stage. I took my hand out, and coated both it and his hole with lube, and attempted to insert my hand. It went in smoothly until I reached my knuckles, where for the first time I was met with a bit of resistance.
Andrew: Was he using amyl?
Ellis: No.
Andrew: what happened when your hand met resistance?
Ellis: I took my hand out and reinserted just my four fingers again, and starting playing around the inside of his arse with my fingers, exploring. I’m not entirely sure what it was that I found, and I still don’t know the correct terminology for it, but there was a place inside where it felt like it was where you’d aim if you were trying to go deeper… So I started massaging and stretching that open.
Andrew: you obviously have good instincts  🙂 it’s always hard when the bottom is being non-verbal – so much of fisting is about establishing a connection with someone – which if done right makes it so much more intimate than fucking
Ellis:  Yeah, it really does help make things a lot easier, and more fun. It’s really a huge turn on when you can see and hear a guy appreciate the great feelings you’re giving him. Anyway, within seconds his sphincter relaxed and even starting gaping around my fingers. I poured some more lube, added my thumb and started sliding in again until his hole clamped down on my wrist. At this point his breathing changed and I was worried that I’d hurt him, so I kept my hand dead still, and asked if he was alright. He assured me he was, but told me not to move until he told me to. After a time, he told me to slowly start moving back and forth, which I did.
Andrew: cool
Ellis: He really enjoyed that so I kept doing it, him loosening up even further as we continued. Remembering his reaction to me playing with his prostate, I balled up my hand inside his arse, and rotated it, trying to hit his prostate.
Andrew: its amazing feeling isn’t it?
Ellis: Yeah, it is. It’s unlike anything else. I really get off on seeing how much pleasure I can give someone. I almost make it my mission to make guys moan, even if they’re trying to stay quiet 😉
Andrew: that’s what I love doing too. Being a good bondage master is about controlling pleasure  😉
Ellis: So after a while, we ended up moving in to his double sized shower, where I laid down with my elbow on the ground and my arm vertical. He rode my arm to orgasm while I wanked myself.
Andrew: did you ever get to the point where you were punch fucking him? Was that the only time you played with him?
Ellis: I played with him a few more times after that, and I did end up punch fucking him on a few other occasions, as well as working up to a double fist.
Andrew: double fisting is pretty hard  😉 are your hands small?
Ellis: I’d say they’re small-medium.
Andrew: so the experience got you hooked on fisting?  🙂
Ellis: Yeah, it did 😉
Andrew: so how many boys have there been? and how old?
Ellis: Around half a dozen. And they’ve ranged from 21 to 36, most of them being in their mid-late twenties.
Andrew: I suspect we are quite similar – I fisted boys for years before I was able to take one myself. Have there been any stand out experiences after your first time? Have you ever popped anyone’s fist cherry?
Ellis: They’ve all been pretty different. And yeah, I have twice. My most recent experience was actually with a 23 year old, who hadn’t been fisted before. He’d played around with larger toys, but nothing quite as big as my hand. I knew he was going to need to get in a really relaxed headspace, so I rimmed him for a pretty lengthy amount of time. By the end of it, his hole was gaping open and I could add two fingers with just spit as lube and no resistance.
Ellis: When I did add lube, his hole seemed to just swallow my fingers. It was pretty incredible. I went from two fingers to four in about the space of 30 seconds, and a minute after that he sucked my hand in.
Andrew: well done  🙂
Andrew: with beginners you need to have a good sense of pace, if you leave it too long the hole can be tired, what was his reaction when you popped his cherry?
Ellis: I wish I’d been able to see his face. He was lying on his stomach, and let out a really big moan. I felt his arse clamp down, so I stayed completely still, and let him get used to it. I told him I was going to take it out, and to take deep breaths.
Andrew: was he supported on pillows?
Ellis: Yeah, he had two underneath him.
Andrew: And after you took it out?
Ellis: We made out for a little while, before trying again. My hand went in fairly easily again, so I made small, slow in and out movements. I kept this up for a while, before putting pressure on his prostate. When I did that he came pretty quickly. It’s pretty amazing feeling a guys prostate become rock hard and swell in size when he’s cumming, as well as feel his hole spasming around your wrist. He wanted me to take my hand out really quickly after that, but his hole was still clenched after his orgasm. I made him take some deep breaths and relax before I took it out.
Andrew: I love that,  excellent 🙂 Like Mitch, I can see you’re going to be a great young fister 😛 Needless to say if you ever want to film a scene for me, I’m up for it 😛 There are quite a few Melbourne twinks who would love to feel your hand in their butts 😛 And the 21yo you fisted?  🙂  was he the other cherry?
Ellis: Actually no. He was on holidays here, and came over one morning a couple of days after NYE. The other cherry was in his mid-twenties. 26 I think? He was actually the second guy I fisted, and I didn’t quite have the experience that I do now. That one was a bit of a struggle 😛
Andrew: So do you have some regular boys who you fist?
Ellis: I wouldn’t say regularly. I meet up with the guy I first fisted every now and then, and a 36 year old from Brisbane comes down every couple of months. The other guys have been people holidaying here, with the exception of that most recent guy. He’s in Brisbane, so we’re hopefully going to start seeing each other relatively often.
Andrew: Have you ever chatted to Mitch on recon?
Ellis: I have actually 🙂
Andrew: hehe
Ellis: I was wondering if your Mitch was that Mitch. Haha.
Andrew: I told him I was chatting to a young guy in XXXX into fisting and he said you two had been chatting

Well I think the idea of Mitch and Ellis playing is a very hot one….stay tuned.  🙂

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