An interesting night. I had long thought about getting a web cam that wasn’t integrated into my computer so I could show people what I got up to. My tech savvy little ranga piggy friend came shopping with Sissyboy and I. We found a perfect wireless web cam. We had dinner, came home and installed it and it seemed to be working fine.

The tech savvy little ranga piggy then headed off to the under 30s night at the local sauna while I prepared for a session with my two playthings for the eventing – Sissyboy and Tut.

Sissyboy went to prepare for the evening by showering and douching and he was lounging around in a white towel as we waited for Tut.

When Tut arrived he was blindfolded before he got through the door. Normally I tease boys and slowly strip them but with Sissyboy already naked in the lounge I decided to tell Tut to strip naked as quickly as possible.

I played with them both for a while and then gave them the only choice they would get that night – would they like part of the session broadcast on Cam4?

They both said yes and I hooded up Tut to preserve his anonymity and turned on the cam.   Sissyboy who loves having his face online started wearing a blindfold.

If you haven’t heard of Cam4, or you are reading this in the future where it has been replaced by something even better, Cam4 is a site where you can view people showing off on their webcams.  There is even the opportunity to tip performers.

I thought I would try Cam4 for a few minutes to see how it went and then call it a night. For the first few minutes no one was watching all….

….three hours later we had achieved a high of more than six hundred viewers and were ranked first by number of viewers. 🙂

I learned quite a few things. It was a very educational night:

  • It’s addictive.  Watching the number of viewers increase is a real thrill. You do very much end up in a mindset where you want the numbers to go higher. It’s extraordinary to think that more people saw our show over the course of the evening than can fit into the audience of a mid sized Broadway Theatre.
  • People regularly ask you to piss on other people. And this is when we were in my carpeted lounge room or in my bed room. To quote me as i responded to one such request: “I’m not pissing on thousand thread count Egyptian cotton sheets”.
  • People ask for bareback sex. I found it a little disturbing that people would try and pressure people into having unsafe sex on cam. Surely this isn’t a decision that would be based on viewer feedback.
  • People have a thing for feet. I made Sissyboy suck Tut’s toes who immediately started laughing. Sissyboy wasn’t too keen on sucking Tut’s toes and looked straight at the camera and said “I better get fucked after this”.

We started in the lounge but then headed to the sling room. Initially it was just sucking, wanking and rimming but it progressed quickly. The viewers liked it when Tut and Sissyboy were taking turns sucking on my cock. The wireless camera made it easy to focus on them switching my thick dick between them.

Sissyboy was opened up with my hand (remember, from a recent post I’m still operating with just one while the other recovers in a brace after an accident), and he ended up being well fisted on camera. I was able to position the wireless cam over the sling attached the boom I normally use for the overhead camera.

I will need to fix a few things before we try it again.  The computer was in the lounge so it was difficult to see what people were saying when we were in the sling room. Luckily I had an old computer that is now set up in the bedroom – so expect to see some more shows in the future. Overall it was a lot of fun and incredibly addictive. Definitely something to do again.

Feel free to suggest things that you’d like to see.  :)(oh, and as well as the wireless web cam, I also recorded the session in HD video – stay tuned)


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