I’ve been reflecting on the awesomeness of some young people today and the fundamental differences between them and how I was at their age.

I had sex while I was in high school but it tended to be quite furtive and experimental. There’s an old joke that comes to mind.

Question: When masturbating, what’s the most sensitive part of your body?
Answer: Your ears.

I think that’s kind of what sex in high school or uni was like for me. Rushed, hurried and it didn’t really result in relaxed experiences. I grew up before Internet porn so the best we had was some magazines, the occasion video and underwear models.

The other distinction is that almost all the porn we had access to was straight porn. Porn stolen or ‘borrowed’ from parents or older brothers. There simply wasn’t access access to gay porn. Only very selected newsagents stocked magazines like Outrage or Blue. Not that we had the guts to purchase them anyway!

I think what impresses me most about the kinds of sex that young guys are having today is that it is relaxed and fun. They are having sex that in addition to being horny and lustful, is also very playful. There isn’t the same stigma or drama there was before for some young guys.

I suspect it’s been driven by both pornography and increased acceptance of gay men in general. I’m going to go out on limb here and suggest that the greater acceptance of gay sex among straight boys has been driven by the fact that most of them have gone online to check out videos of guys fucking each other. Even if it’s not something that necessarily appeals to them the abundance of gay porn available online does legitimize the practice.

The other thing is that even if a straight boy doesn’t want to have gay sex himself he might still find it hot to watch the videos – because teenage boys get turned on by a lot of things. It reminds me of this quote from the West Wing:

CHRISTIAN LOBBYIST: Show the average American teenage male a condom and his mind will turn to thoughts of lust.
TOBY: Show the average American teenage male a lug wrench and his mind’ll turn…

A former straight flatmate of mine occasionally used to put on my gay porn VHS to laugh at it – he found the sight of a guy taking a massive cock up his ass hilarious. For him it was kind of like watching Road Runner cartoons – it was fun to see what happened to Wile E Coyote – because it wasn’t going to happen to him.

So my theory is that gay Internet porn has demystified and legitimised gay sex for straight boys – making them more accepting of gay men. It has also encouraged guys who principally identify as straight to have some fun with other guys when bored and horny.

I was talking to an amazing eighteen year old and we had this conversation.

So what are you up to this weekend?
going for a surf
Cool – where?
And sex with who?
Phillip Island
4 guys i know from school
Sex with all four of them?
I’m jealous
Need a camera man?
I really am jealous
im sure you did the same stuff at my age
There was a lot more of a stigma
I really only started playing around when I moved interstate when I was 22
Five beach boys fucking around is pretty much a dream come true πŸ˜‰
it happens alot
Great – now I’m hard thinking of five beach boys πŸ˜‰
So these boys are mainly straight?
How long have you been doing this for?
Does everyone get fucked?
since yeah 10
one of them doesn’t
Well it sounds like a pretty awesome weekend
Did you always fuck safe?
So how do five horny boys find each other?
But how do you all work out you all like cock?
And how do you end up having group sex?
i don’t really know
just sorta of happened
there may have been drinking involved
So the first time was with all of you? I thought you might have fooled around separately and then someone says “you know I’ve blown you all”
no im pretty sure we were all in a spa
in Anglesea
I only blew my school friends
I’m still jealous of you πŸ˜‰
And I’m going to ask for graphic details about this weekend and write it up πŸ˜‰
Maybe πŸ™‚

We chatted when he got back. As he expected they surfed, drank and fucked – starting in the lounge and then ending up in one of the bedrooms. When we discussed it he didn’t see it as a big deal – after all they had been doing it for years.

Young people today…..lucky bastards.