An email from Jason…..

Hi Andrew,
It’s been nearly a year since we had that hot session. I still occasionally look at the pics on Soxster and get off seeing myself at your mercy 🙂
I’m hoping we can hook up again soon??
As you know my goal is to be Fisted. I’ve sent you a few pics of my training to stretch my hole ready for your fist! My bf and I have been successful on two occasions, having him wrist deep inside me and locked in place. It felt amazing!! Like I’d achieved Everest ! It took a lot of time and patience to get there but we did it ! We were then too nervous (and sore) to do much more.
I’m looking forward to taking a fist a lot more easily, but with my tardy ass stretching training, I think it’s going to take a lot longer??
I’m hoping you and I can have another session soon??

Looks like I’ll be stretching Jason’s ass in my sling very soon.   🙂  Check out the pics he sent me, taken by his lovely boyfriend, as he prepares his hole and then fucks it with the BAM dildo.  🙂  I think that looks ready for my fist.

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