A message and question from a fan….

Hey Andrew

I have been reading your site over the last few days.  I love it.  Super hot.  I get a raging hard on just reading the different posts on Fickstutenmarkt (FSM).

I am a total bottom, slutty and I hope to think, pretty good at being one.

I was at lab-oratory in Berlin in June for their naked sex parties and it was AMAZING.  I was a total slut bottom and there were guys lining up.  Loved it.

I missed FSM though.  I am now headed to Germany again in Dec.  I plan to do the FSM Leipzig on 7 Dec.  Because I will miss the Berlin one.  

I hope I can write a review for you.

Meanwhile I would love to hear more from you about it.  What to expect and how to have the best time there.  I am a bundle of mixed feelings right now.  Horny excitement to be a mare while dealing with the fear that I might be totally rejected by the stallions.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Thanks for your email. I’m afraid I’ve only been to the Berlin FSM but I imagine that Leipzig will be similar – but on a smaller scale. There will be guys like me who will want to fuck as many mares as possible. If you got well fucked at Lab then that’s a good sign. 😉 I think part of the attraction of FSM for mares is that sense of anticipation about when they will be mounted. Be prepared to listen to the sounds of the sex happening around you and just enjoy it. Tell me more about your experience at Lab and I will post it to soxster. 🙂

Hey there, I would be most happy to write an account of lab and have it posted on this site. I am on it now and will send it in later!

I look forward to it 🙂  By the way, where do you live and how did you find soxster.com?

I live in Singapore.  I found your site when I searched for more info on FSM.  I love your site.  Living in Singapore, there is a growing gay scene but the boys here are all SUPER VANILLA.  Sex is desired but it’s all about looking pretty and being annoying coy.  Not my style. Here’s my write up on Lab – their Thurs Naked Sex Party nights. Hope it’s helpful to others and NOT too long!  Feel free to edit.  I cannot wait for Dec – for Lab and FSM again.

Great write up – how should I describe you? What pic should I include with your entry?

Just tell them I’m a 36yo bottom slut who was first fucked at 19 and never looked back. I’ve included some pics of me taking an anal probe and being tied up.

Great pic – your post is in the queue and will be posted soon 🙂

I can’t wait… I would love to hear more about things I should look out for at FSM

Try and position yourself near other mares – so you can hear and feel them being fucked. Do you use amyl? Keep a bottle in your sock. My advice would be to pre-lube and fuck yourself with a dildo before you go. Always reach back to make sure they are wearing a condom – better safe than sorry (but it is pretty safe and as I’ve said in previous posts, if someone wants to fuck raw there are generally red hooded mares)

Great. Fuck I am feeling so horny now… I will assemble more pics in my computer (they are all scattered)…  I don’t know if I am justified to worry if tops might not like Asian ass!! Yes I love poppers. And will bring along a dildo on the trip. Thanks for the pointers.  I love tops that are verbal and rough…

With a hood on, they probably won’t know if you are Asian or not. But with an ass that cute, I’m sure that just like at Lab, you will be well fucked at FSM.  Anytime we’re in the same city, I look forward to abusing your butt.  😉

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