As outlined in Part 1, here is Jay’s experience at Lab in Berlin….

I chanced upon Soxster’s great site while doing my research for an upcoming trip to fickstutenmarkt (FSM) in Dec.  We got in touch and he encouraged me to write about an earlier trip to Berlin where I visited Lab-oratory for what I consider to be legendary, naked sex party Thursday nights.

 So here’s an account of my trip to Lab this June:

While I had been to various parts of Germany (Munich, Frankfurt), I had never been to Berlin (sadly).  So I finally made an overdue trip there this June.  Invariably, I planed the trip with a strong sex focus – being the horny bottom that I am and of course, it IS Berlin!  I am Asian, pretty athletic, with a decent ass (at least I would like to think so) with a penchant for being a totally dominated bottom.  However, I was unsure of the reception I would receive in Berlin… 

I arrived in the city on a Wed, did the sites and decided to head to Cocks for their naked night.  I avoided the saunas because I was told that it was pointless to visit Berlin saunas since there are so many cool cruise bars around.  

While Cocks was a cool little bar, there were a total of 4 other guys there.  And the place didn’t provide lube nor condoms.  I hung out for a couple of drinks, had a couple of those guys feel me up and finger me but left disappointed and ‘unfucked’!  But I rationalized that it was a Wednesday night and perhaps the horny gay crowd in Berlin did not do weekday nights very much…

Despite the disappointment, I plunged head on into research for Thursday night and read online about Lab-oratory.  The idea of stripping off to just your shoes, dumping your clothes into a trash bag for storage, and being marked with a number on your arms thrilled me.  Point to note:  the shoes matter.  I had on high-top sneakers (because porn actor Trenton Ducati gets fucked wearing high tops) and visually, that was most acceptable to me.  I didn’t want to be one of those guys in business shoes or loafers! (hope the tip helps).

Took a cab to Lab and arrived right as the doors opened.  I believe they keep the doors open for 2 hrs (like 9pm – 11pm) and after that, the party goes one till late but one can’t get entry after 11pm.  Despite being early, there was a good crowd forming but I got my trash bag pretty quickly.  I love Berliners (or Europeans) – I didn’t catch any furtive glances nor fear of being looked at.  Everyone just strips and gets ready in the open (unlike saunas in Asia where guys still cover their crotches on naked theme nights – what’s the point??).

I got into the main area by 9.30 pm and ordered a drink.  It was hot just being around naked men, standing around drinking.  I soaked in the space – huge and cavernous, with an amazing collection of barber chairs, slings, fuck beds, cages and day beds.  The space extends outside.  And since it was summer, there were outdoor containers (2 floors) with more slings and other treats.  One could choose being fucked under brighter lights or in the dark (such as inside the containers).  I was already hot and horny and by 9.45, I could see pockets of fucking going on.  That was my cue to finish off my beer and get on with the business at hand.

My first fuck was at the outdoor space – just at the entrance of one of the containers.  By the way, condoms and lube are provided but I also brought my own.  (I don’t do bareback even though that did happen at Lab).  The first guy was a tall lean German with a big dick (as with most that I have encountered!).  Deep, powerful thrusts and what was particularly thrilling was that I was propped against door (standing) as he fucked me.  Others stood to watch (leisurely drinking their beers), while some came by to play with my nipples and cock.  Soon, another top took over and I loved the idea that it was a relay.  Handing my ass from one top to another.  After about 30 mins, I took a break, thanked the guys and headed indoors.

Grabbed another beer and met a really handsome and sexy guy from Finland.  We locked eyes and headed to a corner but soon realized we were both bottoms (ah well).  So we ended up chatting.  That’s also the cool thing about Lab’s parties.  You fuck and then take a break, chat and get back to fucking.  The vibe was laid back – no major attitude.

Soon, I split from Finnish guy and find myself at the fuck bed.  All the bottom in doggy positions, ass sticking out while the tops fuck us (about 6 – 7 pairs).  There’s something about this shared experience of us bottoms in a circle getting plugged by hot dicks.  I think about 3 -4 guys fucked me at this point.  I then took a quick break, had a drink and shared fuck stories with the Finnish guy. 

Next, I proceeded back outdoors and soon found myself bent over a gymnastics type vault with two guys taking turns to fuck me.  I remember one of them being quite handsome – bearded with a hot smile.  Why I remember him is because my next fuck session was indoors at an area where there were these day beds and I was sitting on his cock, riding up and down on it while all these other guys walked by, watched and fondled me.  The bearded guy came and took his leave after giving me a thank you smack on the butt.  Another guy soon took over and almost immediately, I found myself bent over doggy with a cock in my ass and another in my mouth.  The one in my mouth was thick and I definitely had a balance between loud moans and working my mouth on the cock.  The cock in my ass was also substantial and being spit roasted in front of a growing crowd was hot.   

By this point, Lab to me was at the height of sexual activity.  The doors had closed and there was a huge crowd of people.  The sounds of pleasurable moaning mixed with the pulsating music.  You could smell sex everywhere.  

I took a couple more breaks on and off and re-entered groups at different parts of the space.  That’s the beauty of this place – you can find amazing corners of action.  

I am not a late night person but this place had my up till close to 2 am.  I was there more than 4 hrs.  How many guys in total?  I lost count but I would venture to say about 12 tops ranging from long to shorter fuck sessions.  This does not include others that took part in sucking and just playing around.  And of course, I met some cool people during my breaks – chatting and having a good laugh over a drink.

I left the place without cumming.  Yes.  I did NOT cum.  Why?  Because, it was so sexually charged, I was so focused on being fucked like a slut bottom, the idea of cumming basically eluded me.  That night was all about being the bottom, being topped by sexy, hot, horny men.  And that was enough pleasure for me.  When I left, I was relieved to find a line of cabs outside.  Grabbed one, got back to the hotel and collapsed naked in bed.  I ended playing with myself early the next morning and shot a massive load.  In fact I came a couple more times after as I relived each moment of Lab in my head.

People on soxster’s site talk about the memory of the experience at FSM.  Lab had similar effect on me.  I still think about it today.  In fact, I plan to head there this Dec.  Do their Naked Sex Party on Thursday and then head to Leipzig for FSM on Sat.  Too bad I can’t make the Berlin FSM.  I get a ranging hard on just thinking about this – being the pure bottom that  I am! (I have never fucked a guy before).  

Did I go to Lab again after that Thursday night.  I sure did.  I returned for their Friday night party but it was not a naked night.  So there were many dressed in leather or fully clothed.  It was a beer night so there were a good number of bears.  Being lean, I was not quite their target!  Still, I had a few tops but nothing close to the Thursday night experience.  

I can’t wait to be at Lab again this Dec for the Thursday party.  My heart races just thinking of it!