I’ve decided it is finally time to try and tell the story of one of my favourite playmates of all time – Fetishboy.

It has come as a bit of a shock to realise that the boy who I started working over when he was 18 has just turned 30.

I must confess that I’ve derived a great deal of pleasure over the years from watching this very sexy boy turn into a very handsome, intelligent and thoughtful man.  Of course, in many ways I will always think of him as that 18 year old private school boy who walked through my door in 2001.

I originally thought that I would try and write up the complete story of Fetishboy in one long post, but that really  isn’t possible – not with twelve years of memories, emails, photos and videos.

So I shall start at the beginning…

Twelve years ago I was chatting on Gaydar. For historical purposes, it is worth reminding my younger viewers that this was a more simple time – at least technologically. Phones were basic things, where you could call someone or text, but not browse the internet. Most people had home dial-up speeds of 28.8kbp via a phone line – and this is how I was connected to the Internet when I came across this horny young man.

He had only just graduated from high school. I found out later that right throughout boarding school he was being fucked senseless. I didn’t go to boarding school – but it certainly sounds like a lot of fun. Lots of horny boys having bareback sex with each other – not a bad consolation from living away from your family.

I think that’s one of the reasons he sought me out – he has really enjoyed fucking around in boarding school and missed it now that school was over. He wanted to keep doing it and maybe move to the next level in terms of kink.

I should mention right at the start that he had a girlfriend – and had been seeing her since he was 15. He’s basically straight – he just likes dirty, rough sex with guys from time to time.

I’ll always remember the first time we played. I buzzed him into the apartment complex, left the front door ajar and waited in my bedroom. As agreed, he entered my apartment, stripped naked and put on the wrist cuffs, collar and blindfold I had left in the hallway. I quietly emerged from the bedroom to find a stunning naked boy in my hallway, sporting a very, very large erection. This kid was HUNG.  His body was great – smooth and sculptured. I found out later he was a keen rower.

I ran my hands over his amazing body and he shivered involuntarily. The rest of the session is a series of snapshots in my head. I remember the cock sucking and dominating him. I remember playing with his ass and covering his body with various leather items. He was adventurous, young, smooth and horny – who could ask for anything more.

Digital cameras weren’t common back then – but I was lucky enough to have access to one.

I has been lucky enough to put together a collection of stainless steel toys – and I remember working a whole series of them into his ass. The kid loved having his ass stretched – and really loved being fucked.

The whole session lasted a few hours. At the time, neither of us knew that it was the start of a long term friendship that would last more than 12 years.

He spent the night….and in the morning there was some more play….