Just to round off my session with Oliver, I asked him a number of questions:

When you saw the pics I sent you, what was your reaction?

I was thrilled to be anonymously “famous”. I thought I looked fat (trying to exercise it off so that’s a work in progress). I thought the pics were good and more variety would be fun. the hexagon thing and rubber bands were my favorite pics.

When you saw the video of you blowing your load, what did you think?
I think I could shoot higher if Sir gave me permission just before I came. I made a mistake of thinking that Sir might refuse permission at the last moment.
Would you want to play with me again?
Definitely want to play again Sir. I wish I could go to melb more often.
Do you like the idea of people jerking off to your photos and video?

Yes Sir. I didn’t realize I had this exhibitionist streak. I don’t think I look good at all and usually don’t like to look at myself. but the idea that someone likes watching me is a nice little ego booster. and its quite thrilling too… 🙂

Here is another view of his cum shot – from overhead.   🙂  I think it is very impressive – three shots ending up at his shoulders or higher. I know it’s a little hard to make out at this resolution, but the first shot ends up off camera – over his head. Nice work.  😉