A few more messages from Oliver….

I wanted to elaborate on the answers.

I also remember thinking “gosh is that really what I look like?”. I was also amazed that Sir managed to fit something like that on me. I loved the bondage look of the cock.

I remember thinking wow it looks like a fountain. also I didn’t realize I sound like a girl haha. I was really desperate in that clip. have to admit cumshots aren’t a big interest for me. love kink more than cum.

I think I’d still be nervous tho. who knows what crazy stuff Sir has planned : D  and who knows what crazy ideas random internet people are thinking 😀 I’m finding the unknown-ness quite exciting and scary at the same time.

I wish I did more pics with Sir for everyone to enjoy 🙂 I smile to think thats I did something that outrageous when the rest of my colleagues are so straightlaced and very proper 😀 … I know there isn’t many activities that I like (whereas eveyone else seems to love everything), but for other ppl to enjoy a few pics or video is probably a good reason to try something out 🙂

take care Sir and hope that arm heals up quick. 

Ah yes – those of you following the blog will know that I hurt my arm – and unfortunately I still have a month to go in a brace. It’s slowing me down – but not much.   😉