Michael, my favorite Canadian sub boy, has written up some of his life experiences as penance for not being free to come and play with me. I hope you enjoy these recollections from his misspent youth.

Andrew has asked for a summary of some of my favourite sexual history moments so I’ve compiled a couple below.  I hope I do them justice, and they turn him and his readers on!

There was a shopping centre where I changed trains to get home from high school. Normally it wasn’t a big deal and I didn’t actually really pay any attention but one day a mate of mine and I stopped in for some reason.  I had to go to the bathroom and so he took off while I went to the third floor mens room.  There was a man sitting on a bench near to the door and another man using the public payphone but watching the door.  I didn’t really pay much attention to them until afterwards but looking back, having these men watch me go into the toilet started to excite me a bit.

I walked into the toilet, and there were two urinals to the left, and facing them were two toilet stalls – one larger/handicapped and a normal sized one on the right.  I’ve always been a bit pee-shy so I chose to go into the stall on the right hand side.  I didn’t notice anything special about this stall until I was standing there urinating and I noticed how shiny the tiles on the floor, walls and ceiling were.  the tiles on the walls and floor were shiny black, which made them good little mirrors!  I heard someone else come in and he went into the other stall.  I realised that by leaning over a little bit I could nearly see the reflection of the other stall in the floor tiles.  I sat down, my cock getting hard as I wanted to catch a glimpse of this stranger who would undoubtedly have his cock exposed.

I couldn’t quite see what I wanted so I sat down on the toilet and leaned back to see if I could see through the gap between the stall dividing wall and the wall.  Sure enough, I had a perfectly reflected view, and I could see that the man had hung his suit jacket up, pulled his pants down and was sitting on the toilet.  He was looking my way and I could see that he was stroking his cock too.  My cock was so hard by this time and it was all I could do not to cum right there.  All of a sudden I realised that he could see my reflection leaning back and I bolted upright, scared I’d been caught, but also so amazingly turned on.

I waited a few minutes to hear if there was any other noise from that stall, and the outside door opened.  A man came in and stood at the urinal.  From sitting on the toilet, I could actually see the reflection in the tiles of the man there – it was nearly like there were no walls in place in this toilet!  I was so excited, my heart was racing and my cock was throbbing with an ache I’d never really felt before.  The man at the urinal finished up and I was able to nearly watch him shake and put his cock away in plain view!  He left, and I dared to lean back to see into the other stall, my right hand constantly on my cock.

I expected to see the man still seated on the toilet, but he was actually standing facing me with a massive erection, stroking his cock.  He had unbuttoned a few of the bottom buttons of his business shirt and thrown his tie over his shoulder to give his cock more room and he looked so sexy in the reflection of the tiles.  He would have been mid-forties, just starting to go gray, somewhat hairy legs and stomach above a dark patch of pubes, and an impressive looking cock.  He could see that I was watching him intently and he did something I didn’t expect.  He took a step closer – I was aching and I really wanted to taste his cock – and knelt down.  I could see his knees under the stall wall and he pushed himself forward until his crotch came under teh stall wall and his big cock was in plain view.

I wasn’t sure what to do – I couldn’t believe this was happening, I was frozen in fear of being caught but every fibre of my being wanted to be on that cock.  I finally moved my hand and ran it up the inside of his leg to his cock.  When I finally wrapped my hand around it I was surprised how thick, how hard, and how warm it felt in my hand.  I felt him buck his hips a little bit and I instinctively started to jerk him off like I liked to jerk my own cock.  I could hear a soft moan coming from that side of the stall and I was absolutely mesmerised by the big thick purple head of his dick which started to leak some precum.

I finally got the courage to bend over and lick the head of his cock – his precum tasted a bit salty and a bit sweet and his cock smelled like Irish Spring soap and a little bit of sweat – just enough to smell incredibly manly.  I finally got my mouth onto the head of his cock and instinct took over.  Soon I was trying to get as much of his thick meat down my throat as I tugged on his balls and stroked the bottom part of his shaft with my hand.  It felt like a long time to me, but couldn’t have been more than 5 minutes.  He started to moan louder and pulled his cock back.  I was confused as I was getting right into sucking his cock, even forgetting my own cock! I then saw him blow a massive load onto the tiles between our stalls.  I could smell it and I now know that it was a pretty big load.  He rested for a minute then got up and wiped up his mess with a bit of toilet paper.  I could hear him chuckle a bit as he got dressed and whisper “thanks” as he left the toilet.

I was nearly in shock sitting on the toilet, alone in the room again and I couldn’t believe what had happened.  So many emotions were rushing through me, interspersed with the rush of hormones and overwhelming horniness that just made me think that I wanted another cock down my throat and I would have to find another cock to suck – and soon!  As I was going home on the train I could still taste his cock in my mouth and as soon as I got home I jerked out about 5 more loads thinking about it!

I ended up being a regular visitor to that toilet over the years, and even found a nearby mens room that was quite hidden that you could take a trick to and blew quite a few married business men types there – I think that’s why to this day I like a man in a suit, and I love being on my knees with their cock in my face.  It’s even more of a turnon for me to be naked or exposed with them just having their cock out of their pants – it feels more furtive.

I jerk off to memories of that mens room often 🙂