I asked Michael to write up some of the key experiences of his life…here is another one….

It started as a family holiday with a few stops.  On this leg, my parents, me and my younger brother and sister were heading to Las Vegas in the US.  You might not think of Las Vegas as a place to go if you’re not of legal age yet and I thought it was going to be horribly boring.

We stayed at a famous hotel called “Circus Circus” which had a whole area of entertainment for kids and families including circus acts, and rooms of video game arcade.  Since my brother and sister loved video games at the time it was quite easy to entertain them.  A roll of 25 cent pieces would last them nearly two hours, and my parents agreed that I could babysit them there while they went for a walk and to play some blackjack in the heat of the day.  The arcade was air conditioned and dark, and it was quite cool and fun to be there – it made us feel like we were part of the action.  We played a few games and then I wanted to go and check out the more adult games so I made them promise not to leave the arcade and I would be back within the hour.

I went on a walk around and had to go to the toilet so I stopped into a toilet on the main floor.  It was a huge mens room with about 15 stalls all in a row, and had to be 30 urinals in another part of the room, separated by the sinks.  I chose a stall near to the back of the toilet, one of two in from the end.  When I sat down, I could see a small hole in the wall, covered by the toilet paper dispenser.  Being a curious sort, I wanted to see if I could see into the next stall.  I leaned over and to my surprise, my head moved the toilet paper dispenser – it wasn’t secure on the wall and it swung out of the way, leaving me looking at the back of the toilet paper dispenser on the other side through quite a large hole – probably about as big around as a beer can.

I thought that was so horny, and I wanted to jerk off I was so horny.  I was already hard from seeing the hole in the stall wall so I started to wank.  I didn’t get too far when I heard footsteps coming down the line of stalls, so I stopped tugging my cock.  I heard a man enter the stall next to mine and my heart was racing.  I wanted to see if I could see him, but I didn’t want to get caught and I didn’t think I could move the toilet paper dispenser on my side fast enough without drawing attention so I waited.  I could hear him undo his belt buckle, unzip his pants and sit down.

A minute or so went by as I waited with baited breath and tried to see through the dispenser on his side.  All of a sudden, the dispenser on his side moved away and I jerked my head back.  I could see him leaning down to see what he could of me and I tried to hide my hard cock.  He looked for a minute then stood up, still facing the hole.  I tried to wait but had to lean over to see what I could.  His hard cock was pointed straight at me and he was stroking it.  I kept watching him and must have been breathing heavily being so excited – i imagine that my mouth was probably open as I stared at his hand stroking his cock and he pushed his cock through the hole.  I was amazed but I took it into my mouth without thinking.  It had the familiar heat emanating from it that I have grown to love and that salty sweet taste of a man.  I only sucked him for a short while before he came, his hot cum flowing into my mouth.  I hadn’t had anyone cum in my mouth before and I didn’t know what to do so I caught his load in my mouth then when he pulled back i spit it out into the toilet.

He pulled up his pants and left quickly, but left the dispenser off the wall.  I couldn’t believe what had just happened and sat there in shock for a minute.  I didn’t have to wait long with my cock throbbing painfully before another man came to that very stall.  He looked a bit like a college guy, with trainers and denim shorts from what I could see.  He sat down and held a hand over his cock.  I didn’t think anything would happen but then I saw him lean forward and try and look through the hole.  He leaned back then and displayed a nice thick cock getting hard between his thighs.  i couldn’t stop looking and thinking how lucky i was to have another guy showing me his cock.

He stood up after a while and put his cockhead in the hole.  I had to put my mouth in the hole to get his cock and he kept pulling his cock back, forcing me to keep my mouth right in the hole.  Eventually he started a rhythm of fucking my mouth and I got the hint that he wanted my mouth to stay there to let him fuck.  that was so hot, and felt like he was just using my mouth as a hole to get off in.  After fucking my mouth and teasing me with his cock for about 10 minutes, he pulled out and shot his load all over the stall wall and my mouth.  I couldn’t believe my luck and was so turned on I shot my load on the stall wall on my side.

I ended up going back to that toilet cubicle every chance I got!