A question from a loyal viewer.  🙂  You know who you are.

Hey Andrew,
What do you think of speculums?
Good for stretching ? Or just fun to use ?
Always wanted to try one more for the kink factor 🙂

I really like speculums but I have a couple of thoughts. 🙂
The first is that I really like the prong kind rather than the flat duck bill kind. A three prong speculum is a lot of fun. It’s more comfortable and you can push a lot further with it. I really like them because you can have a boy’s ass open and then finger the ass lips and go after the prostate.  🙂

While you can use a speculum on yourself, it is really best to use it with someone else. Whether it is good for stretching depends on the speculum and your ass – expand it out before you buy it to see if it’s a challenge – if you are already a loose boy, there won’t be a lot of point to it.

The ability to do very small increases in width make speculums very good – and allow the boy to relax as they know it will be gradual (eg. they aren’t stressed about you suddenly stretching more than they can handle).

So get one – they’re fun.

(and then tell us what happened!)

Some examples of speculums below – the really massive one I have for very experience boys, the duck billed kind and then the really good three prong kind.  🙂

IMG_0527 IMG_0528 IMG_0532 IMG_0540 IMG_0541