I was filming a scene in a hotel last week. It ended up a bit like a restoration comedy.  Lots of doors opening and closing and various sexual shenanigans. I had booked two adjoining rooms. We started off by taking a lot of photos, and then moved onto filming a scene with two guys. However,  my cameraman was understandably feeling a little bit horny and arranged via Grindr for a hot Austrian boy to join us. When Hans arrived he and the cameraman disappeared into the second bedroom to fuck.  I kept on filming the two hot boys on the bed. When we took a break, one of the guys joined Hans and the cameraman in the second bedroom while I played with the other guy. I was too busy getting blown to see the three-way in the other room but I was assured that they had a good time.

After we wrapped the scene, my cameraman and one of the boys being filmed went onto Grindr and picked up an adorable boy. He was impossibly cute – a shaggy haired 19yo university student. I too had checked Grindr and found that there was a hot Dutch boy staying nearby – and who in fact turned out to be staying on the very same floor of the hotel we were in.  While three boys fucked in the hotel room, I headed down the hall.

He was incredibly handsome – really nice body, great smile. We talked and before long were making out.  It was only when we had been at it a few minutes, he noticed the brace on my arm.

He was definitely a size queen – and wanted to see if my Grindr claims were true. We stripped each other and he wasn’t disappointed. His cock was one of the most beautiful I have seen in a long time. Perfect colour. Perfectly proportioned. He was uncut, but had a foreskin that retracted when hard, so I had to work a little to pull it back over his cock head so I could nibble and tease it with my mouth

I grabbed his i-phone from the bedside table and started taking photos of my massive cock in his mouth – I figured that he deserved some decent holiday photos from his trip to Melbourne.  I also took a great pic of our two cocks against each other.

He was edging himself – waiting for me to get closer to blowing my load – but when my fingers wandered past his balls to tickle his ass he shuddered, and blurted out an ecstasy filled apology that he was going to blow before he pumped a massive load over my stomach. After he blew his cock remained hard and I continued to fondle it with my left hand while I jerked myself off with my right hand. It took me a while to cum – he played with my balls until I eventually blew my load all over my chest with a satisfied moan.

He agreed to send me a pic of our two cocks together – which I’ve included below. My cock is on the bottom, his is on the top.

This is a kink focused blog, but it’s nice to remind everyone now and then that there is more to life than kink – and it’s nice to have a good old fashioned make out session, with blowjobs, with a hot guy.  🙂