He is 23 and stunning. My friend the tech savvy little ranga piggy had played with him before and he came very well recommended. He messaged me out of the blue while I was having dinner with four young bears (all thirty or under) and asked what I was up to. He doesn’t live in Melbourne normally so I wasn’t going to waste this opportunity and so I invited him over.

He joined us at my place about fifteen minutes later – a very spontaneous catch up. All six of us hung out for half an hour discussing all manner of things. He was a witty conversationalist and we were having a good time. Conversation changed to what it’s like to be Totally Fucked. We watched some of my home made porn, including one video where a young guy put his leg behind his head. The blond twink jokingly snorted in a faux derisive manner and demonstrated it wasn’t that much of a deal by putting his leg behind his head while sitting in a bucket chair. Bears can’t do that – so we were impressed.

It was time to play. The dancer showed no sign of nervousness at being used in front of other guys. I popped a blindfold onto his head and undressed him as the bears watched. He was stunning – perfect skin, great body, almost zero body fat. His smile was adorable and he made a few jokes as he slowly relaxed into a submissive mindset.

I added ankle and wrist cuffs in black and red leather. His cock was now stirring in his black bonds boxer briefs with an orange waist band that hugged his perfect ass. I ran my hands all over his body and led him to the bedroom and pushed him onto the bed. He fell backwards onto the bed with a smile on his face.

My restraint harness is really only suitable for very skinny twinks – and I immediately decided he would be perfect for it. He smiled as I leathered him up – the broad leather belt across his stomach followed by the leg loops around his thighs, wrist cuffs and finally the elbow cuffs. This set of restraints really ensues that your arms are totally immobilized. The wrist and elbow cuffs have a combination of Velcro and buckles – the Velcro ensures a tight fit while the mean you aren’t able to get out of it – an extremely effective design.

I spread his legs wide and roped the ankle cuffs to the corners of the bed. This kept his balls and ass accessible to me and also prevented him moving too much durum what I had planned.

I fitted one of my orange nut locks to his sack – a potentially painful process but managed to get it on without any problems due to his relatively small balls – which contrasted with his pretty massive cock.

He had requested no photos and video but I couldn’t let this beautiful sight go undocumented even if I couldn’t have copies myselfI retrieved his phone from the lounge and he didn’t raise any objections as snapped some shots of him helpless and waiting.

The bears wandered in and out of the room. Cock sucking and other play was going on in the lounge. But one curly haired cub decided that the young dancer deserved a blow job and swallowed it repeatedly while playing with his balls. The curly haired cub’s boyfriend wandered in and slapped the twinks balls before rimming his boyfriend. I lay next to the blond on the bed making out with him and caressing him while he enjoyed the sensation of the blowjob while I admired how it looked. My cock was semi hard and lying next to him I slipped it into his hand so he could caress it while I watched. I think this was the first time he realised I was hung.

I retrieved by violet wand and he tensed as he heard the electro static hum and the sounds of arcing as I applied it to my arm to make sure the voltage was correct before applying it to him. The blindfold intensified the sensations as I ran the glowing glass probe over his body – starting with his legs and arms before very slowly starting to target his chest, nipples, balls, shaft and finally cock head. This took quite some time and it was too good to rush.

I knew he had somewhere to be later so it was with regret I set up the sling, unclipped the restraints and pulled him to his feet. I held him close before easing him into the sling.

He said he hasn’t been in a sling before – which I believe as he made that same mistake that every beginner makes when they get in the first time – trying to pull himself further up the sling rather than leaving your ass hanging off the end so it is nice and accessible.

His legs were placed in the padded leg loops and his hands were restrained in the cuffs with the handle to hang onto. He was beautiful, helpless and temporarily mine. Perfect.

I grabbed a wash cloth and soaked it in hot water and scrubbed his perfect ass hole clean before drying it. Some holes are ugly but this one was exceedingly cute and I had no hesitation in burying my face in it. As I licked my way up and down his crack I teased his hole with my tongue before forcing it inside. I got the sling swinging and kept my face still so that every time he rocked back on my face my tongue went deeper and deeper in his ass. His moans became more consistent and passionate.

This was clearly a submissive boy who was having a good time so I decided to stretch his limits. I retrieved my sounds, a fresh unopened bottle of lube and alcohol wipes. When experienced slave boys smell the alcohol they generally guess immediately what is going to happen but this boy didn’t give any indication he knew what he was in for – even when I poured a small pool of sterile lube onto his stomach.

I started with a thin sound with a ball on the end of it. I dipped it in the pool of lube that was filling his belly button. He didn’t resist at all as the sound was inserted – just a soft moan as the steel sank down into his cock. It was incredibly hot and it emphasized just how submissive this boy was. I think he only realised when it was three inches into him what was actually happening.

I felt his cock in such a way that he could feel the sound sinking down into him. He was able to feel the metal ball sink down right below his balls. I never go into the bladder – but this was a deep sounding. He was really enjoying it. Appreciative moaning and groaning.

I don’t normally use the studded sound with beginners to sounding but he was clearly loving the sensations and so decided to give it a go. Because he was still blindfolded it was hard for him to work out exactly what was happening. One by one all the silver balls on the sound disappeared into his cock except for the two largest.

Normally with sounding it is sight of a metal rod disappearing into your cock that is the biggest mind fuck. The sensations are amazing but not as intense as you might think. I unclipped his right hand so he could feel his cock shaft being fucked by the sound. I think it was only when he felt the balls inside his cock moving up and down he realized just how full on I was going. His moans ramped up another level.

I put his hand onto the end of the sound and encouraged him to fuck his own cock. He slowly pistoned the stainless steel in and out as he moaned. While working his cock I hadn’t pushed the final two, and largest, balls inside. I was afraid they might hurt due to their size but that didn’t stop him. He actually pushed the least two remaining balls on the sounding rod into his cock himself. The sound play continued alternating between us fucking his cock with the sound and holding his shaft. I got some great pics and video of this for him to remind him of the session.

Time was getting short. I selected the stainless steel rod with the balls and squeezed lube on his balls that slowly dripped down onto his ass. I ran the stainless steel probe up and down his crack to ensure that both his hole and the toy were covered in lube.

“You’ll have to slow down” he gasped. Normally boys work out that with this particular toy if you don’t clamp down your ass it actually makes the sensations less intense but his ass was gripping pretty tightly as the stainless steel balls fucked him. His ass wasn’t particularly cooperative. My fingers explored his ass and it was clear that he wasn’t going to be fucked by my cock tonight.

I decided it was time to make him cum. I slathered his cock with lube and started stroking his cock slowly and methodically. He asked if I could pull on his balls. He couldn’t see the grin on my face that his request elicited. I pulled down on his balls and pulled them away from his body to get them nice and loose. I reached up and grabbed some red cord and started to wrap it around his balls. Every time the rope looped around his balls it was designed to pull them further from his body.

His balls were pulled very far from his body by the time I started to slowly grab his long cock with my fingers and start to stroke it in earnest. When he was getting close I grabbed the end of the cord and pulled it. His balls jerked as the cord flung them around as it unravelled. The intensity caused him to go slightly soft – as expected. However, within thirty seconds he was again rock hard and ready to shoot. I sped up and slowed down to maximise the anticipation before he shuddered and the first two shots of cum ended up over his shoulder. Proving that ball size doesn’t have much to do with cum volume he dispensed a massive load over his stomach.

He grinned and said I should have kept jerking his cock for ten seconds after he came. I thanked him for his suggestion but after ten seconds I extended the time again and again until I had been working his post orgasm cock for a minute. He loved hating every moment.

It was getting pretty late and his phone message tone had been going off every few minutes with his friends wondering where he was. I quickly showered with him and we talked some more – it merely reinforced what an awesome boy he was and how sorry I was that he wasn’t living in Melbourne.

So he had his first time in a sling and first time being sounded. Not a bad night. 🙂

My only nervousness was the fact that my little ranga piggy friend would be incredibly jealous. When I voiced this concern to the dancer he requested that I make him as jealous as possible. Luckily the little piggy wasn’t jealous at all – I think taking the view that like an awesome theme park ride this dancer should be viewed and used by as many boys as possible. 😉