I’ve posted a story by Tim but I thought you might all like a little more detail. As you may recall, I first met him when he was eighteen and was definitively one of those boys for whom obtaining a car means freedom. He was harnessing the power of the Internet to go and meet guys – a lot of them. He used to describe his adventures to me in great detail. Tales of boys sneaking out of home to fuck in his car or in a nearby park. Boys he picked up in public places. I always admired his confidence and chutzpah.

For historical purposes I should point out that this was a time before smartphones or apps. Very few people had mobiles. We used to chat on Gaydar, via a 28.8kps dial up modem, and then have to go and meet people. Without phones to tell them we had arrived, agreements like “I will meet you in this park at eleven pm, near the children’s playground, and I will be wearing a red singlet” were common. It all seems so secret agent and covert now looking back at it.

Tim is very good looking – in fact when he first walked through the door at an orgy I was hosting he took my breath away.

Great body. He was lean and tanned. His cock was a nice size – but quite slender – and it was consistently rock hard. He had one of those absolutely rigid teen cocks that you could use to pound a nail into a wall  (although why you’d waste it on that is beyond me). Given his love of fucking young twinky guys, his cock was absolutely perfect and fit for purpose. Exactly the right size for a beginner – and so rigid that if he wanted to fuck a boy, it was going in regardless of whether the boy’s ass decided to cooperate.

As you may have seen from the previous post, he’s graciously consented to document some of his more memorable adventures, but I thought you might like to see his comment on the post involving young surfer boys fucking:

I have been reading a great deal of your posts and I swear that we think waaaay too much alike!  The post you wrote about young guys these days, and how open and fluid they are with their sexuality, was sadly all too true.  If I had been born another decade later, I would have barely survived my 20s due to excessive fluid loss!  Young(er) people nowadays are less likely to put labels on what they are and what their experiences have been.  If something feels good, they will do it.  The story about the surfers was the most amazingly erotic thing ever.  My all-time fantasy would be to be involved in something like that. A handful of hot young surfer boys, all looking to have a good time, and not minding how the end goal is achieved. To be able to lick their salty smooth bodies would be beyond Heaven. They don’t know how lucky they are.

Don’t feel too sorry for him – Tim got waaaaaaaaay more teenage ass than anyone else I know. The line about fluid loss is hilarious – and in his case absolutely true. If that kid had gotten any more sex between the ages of 18 and 23 then he would have needed a permanent IV drip fitted to his car. I hope you enjoy hearing about Tim’s adventures as much as I do – hopefully we will be able to post another one shortly.  🙂