I can have quite a bit of a sadistic side. I recently purchased an hour glass – which believe it or not actually does last for an hour (59:58 to be precise – which is pretty incredible).  I will be using it during sessions. The reason I like it is that it is really difficult to know how much time is left – and you probably wouldn’t assume just by looking at it that it would last an hour (unless of course you read this blog).  If you used a clock then people would be able to try and count down, and play games in their head like dividing up the hour into five minute blocks and trying to get through each one of those.  With grains of sand it is very hard to know how much time has passed and how much remains.  I’m hoping that it will mean that the subs have to focus on the task at hand – rather than trying to play time based mind games.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to doing a few scenes with it. Some possible challenges include:

– You aren’t allowed to cum before the last of the sand passes through the glass, or else you are punished.

– You must cum  before the last of the sound passes through the glass, or else you will be punished

– You must have the weights on your cock/nipples/balls until the last grain

– You will be fucked for a full hour

– You must rim for a full hour

– I’m going to fist/sound/puncture/slap you when the sand runs out, for antici………….pation

Any other suggestions? What would you love or hate to endure for an hour or perform for an hour?  🙂

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