Well I think we have a new Soxster boy.  His name is Charlie and he’s 19 and cute as hell. Unfortunately he doesn’t live in Melbourne, but he will be visiting soon.  But I asked him to write up the first time he had very kinky sex and he has submitted the following. He has a real talent for writing – so I’m going to set him the task of writing up a few more of his adventures – and submit a few pics as well.  🙂  Hope you enjoy it. I’m looking forward to enjoying him when he’s next in Melbourne.  🙂

I’ve been asked by Andrew to provide a write up of a BDSM experience I’ve had the past. A little bit about me; I’m 20 year old pseudo-redhead (think pale with freckles, but with basically brown hair), and I’m doing uni at the moment, but this happened when I was 18. I’m very keen on bondage and assplay, and keen to improve my experience with BDSM in general.

I live in Perth, which is a small city in Western Australia. My main gripe with the city is the lack of quality doms, which means that I am, for the most part, limited to meets with doms visiting the area, and meets on my infrequent trips out of the area. One of the best sessions I’ve ever had was with a dom visiting from Victoria for a work function, who had contacted me wondering if I would be available to meet up with him during a free day he had during his trip. Obviously, I was very keen to meet with him, and a couple of weeks later I was heading towards his hotel in the CBD, excitement and anxiety churning together in my stomach.

The dom I met with was in his mid-30s. He was sort of a bearish-type of guy, a little bit over weight, and a little bit hairy, two features I find quite appealing. He was pretty tall as well; I’m 6’2, and he was easily taller than me. He had quite a deep voice, and had a rather authoritarian quality about him as well.

The meet started quite regularly, with me stripping down to a jockstrap and having a collar and cuffs placed on my neck and wrists. I was soon forced onto my knees, and a fairly thick, long cock was forced into my mouth. While I was already relatively experienced with deep throating, I was soon gagging, though this only served to excite him further, his cock pumping faster and harder down my throat. This was a huge turn-on for me, and I could feel myself getting more and more excited as he pumped away.

After a fairly long time of him fucking my mouth, he moved me up onto the bed. This is the part I was really keen for, as he had told me he was very interested in ass play, and had a wide collection of toys. He locked my arms and wrists to a spreader bar, positioning me so that my ass was in the air with my hole exposed and ready to be used and stretched. He worked my hole over slowly, initially using his fingers. As he worked me over, slowly adding more of his fingers, I could feel myself relaxing, and opening up, preparing to take more and more. He got to the verge of getting his entire when he decided to move onto using some of his toys. He had a fairly large collection of plugs and dildos, varying quite massively in size. Now that I was relaxed, I was able to enjoy the feeling of his toys invading my ass a bit more. At this point, I had taken more than I had ever taken before, and even though my hole was already feeling stretched and tired, I felt myself yearning to take more.

It was at this point that he decided to fuck me. He rolled a condom onto his cock, and slowly inserted it into me. I tried to encourage him to go a bit harder by pushing back onto his cock, and he soon got the hint, beginning to fuck me harder and more intensely. The feeling of him fucking me was incredible, and with each thrust I could very intently feel his cock as he fucked me hard. As he fucked, he began slapping my ass with his palm, hard, until my cheeks became red and marked. The contrast between the pleasure of his cock and the pain of the spanking was almost too much for me to bear, and I began to moan louder and louder. Eventually, he pulled out, flipped me over, and shot his load all over my face and mouth.

At this point, I thought it would be finishing up soon, but he told me that I would be up for a surprise. I felt a twinge of nervousness surge through me, though it was soon replaced by more excitement. He placed a blindfold over my eyes, a gag into my mouth, and a quite large plug into my sensitive ass. He informed me that he would be spending the next few hours finishing off some work on his computer, and that I would be left bound and helpless on the bed until he was finished. While this was not what I had expected at all, it was quite a turn-on for me to know that I was just a fuck toy for this man, and that I was helpless to do anything but wait on the bed, bound to the spreader bar until he decided to use me again.

I was left on the bed for a few hours, though it felt like an eternity. He, as promised, sat on the bed working on his computer, and I can remember listening to him tap away at the keys on the keyboard. Every now and again he would reach over and tweak my nipple, or slap my balls, but for the most part, I was left alone, unable to do anything but wait for him to finish. At the time I had just turned 18, and it was so incredibly hot to me to be used by this man in this way that I stayed hard for nearly the entire time, imagining what would be happening to me once he was finished.

After a few hours, I heard him switch off his computer and place it on the floor. He detached my wrists and ankles from the spreader bars, and attached my wrists to the bed rail. He lubed up my still rock-hard cock and began to edge me, expertly bringing me to the edge of cumming and stopping just before it happened. It was pure agony for me, and my muffled screams through the gag were ignored as he continued to work my cock over. Eventually, he gave me permission to cum, and I felt pure bliss as I was finally able to release the massive load that had built up over the past few hours. Again, I was sure that this was going to be the end of the session, but he informed me that I would again be being fucked. He rolled on another condom, pushed my legs up so that my ankles were by my ears, and quickly pushed his cock into my ass, wasting no time as he began to plow me quickly and hard. All the while he spoke dirty to me, calling me a slut and a whore, and I was quickly so aroused that, even though I had just cum moments before, my cock became rock-hard once again. After about half an hour of fucking me, he shot his load into the condom, still in my ass. He soon pulled his cock out, rolled off the condom, removed the gag from my mouth, and emptied the cum from the condom into my mouth.

I was soon unlocked from the bed rail, allowed to get dressed, and left. I was still so unbelievably turned on from the session that as soon as I got home I started jerking off, and I must have shot another five loads that night. The meet only intensified my interest in BDSM and bondage, and I hope that one day I’m able to move to a bigger city like Melbourne so that I’m able to have a few more meets like that. If I am able to get to Melbourne any time soon, I think I’ll definitely try to organise a session with Andrew, because I think I would thoroughly enjoy being strapped into his sling, completely helpless, and being fucked.